Funny and Interesting Pictures

Here is where I am going to put pictures that I find goofy, or strange. Hope you enjoy them!

While Conrad was inside dying of hunger, here is what the weavers were doing outside. Nothing like a little dying inside while your hosts suck each others faces off in their front lawn!

This was Conrad's original uniform when he signed up for the stylist career. I just couldn't have that, so thanks to Twallan, I was able to change his uniform... Yeesh!

Conrad Grim Reaper... No Comment

And here was Stella's original uniform. I didn't like it much.

Don't you hate it when you are trying to talk to someone, and your hand just passes through your body? hehe

I thought this was so uber cute. I had never seen that before.

I had accidentally clicked "tell ghost story," when I was having Conrad get to know Odine, and I figured, why not just let it play. Her facial expressions kept making me laugh.


The reason I didn't have any pictures of Odine's reaction to Conrad's statement, was because she actually flirted back, and that didn't go with my story line. Darn you sims!

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