2.0 Prologue: Brian

A/N: So, apparently, I posted the chapter without the ‘very important’ author’s note that I tend to do at the beginning of each chapter. XD But I am seriously excited for the start of this generation. I think it’s mainly because it’s kinda been stretching my writing skills by writing as a very different person from the previous gen. At least I think so. But please let me know if Brian sounds different from Conrad or not. I really push my skills.

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I sat on my bed, staring at my stupid homework. I wished that the answers would magically pop onto the page. But no… The dumb problems weren’t cooperating. I stared at my cell phone, wishing that I could play the new Convergence album (it usually helped me focus a little bit better), but I wasn’t the only one doing homework.


“Having trouble?” My sister Valyssa asked me from across the room. She was sitting on Lance’s bed, her own homework right in front of her. I knew that she was almost done, since she was the smarter one. I grunted in frustration.

“I’m fine. I can do it by myself.” Vissa ignored what I said, and came over.

“Let me see.” She demanded. She looked over the problem that I was stuck on.


“Oh! This is easy.” As she explained what I’d done wrong, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. If it was ‘so easy’, I would’ve been able to do it myself. Schoolwork was NOT easy. Tuning a bass was easy, singing the higher notes in Zedd’s ‘Clarity’ was easy. Those were things that you didn’t have to spend all your time thinking about. Once you knew how to do it, you just did it!

It’s not like I’d even use things like Algebra or Chemistry after I graduate. I’m not going to have to know any of that nerdy stuff when I drift into a wicked guitar solo. But dad threatened to cancel my music lessons if my grades kept going down, and I was so close to learning how to play Smooth Criminal on the bass. So there was no way I was stopping now.

I hate being the stupid one in this family.

As Vissa walked back to Lance’s bed to finish her homework, the bedroom door opened.


“Hey guys.” My older brother Lance said from the doorway, panting slightly. “Still working on homework?” He quickly wiped his forehead with the towel that we was holding, before tossing it into the hamper. As he entered the room, the smell of sweat smacked me in the face.

Lance had gone to the gym with Sebastian to meet with Lance’s personal trainer. My brother had finally gotten his big break on some weird high school drama TV show, and the producers wanted him to bulk up. They even hired a personal trainer to help him out, and since Sebastian’s his best friend, and is training to be a cop, he tags along.


“Hey Bri, hey Viss!” Sebastian’s head poked in from the hall. Sweat covered the front of his shirt, and the front of his hair was stuck to his forehead. The smell of sweat got even stronger, and I wrinkled my nose in disgust.

“H-hey Sebbie!” Vissa said.


“They don’t have showers at the gym?” I asked. “You guys smell like armpits!”  Vissa gave me a look that pretty much said to shut my mouth before I get in trouble. I rolled my eyes, and turned back to face Sebbie.

“Y-yeah, they do.” Sebastian said, his face turning a dark shade of red.

“Seb and I decided to jog home.” Lance cut in. “So there was no point in showering if we were just going to get sweaty again.” It was silent for a few seconds, as no one knew what to say. I felt a little bit guilty for making Sebastian feel embarrassed, but it was true! I knew that my mom and dad would probably want me to apologize. I was gonna say sorry, but Seb started talking before I could.

“Uh, do you guys mind if I use your shower?” Sebastian asked. When Lance nodded, Seb went off to go find a towel.

“Did you have to be so rude, Brian?” Vissa accused.


“Oh, sorry. Didn’t mean to hurt your boyfriend’s feelings.” I knew that would get under Vissa’s skin. Hey, if she wants to dish it out, she’s going to have to be able to take it.

“Shut up!” She said. “I do not like him like that.”

“Oh please. You’re so obvious. I bet that ‘Armpit Stench’ over here could see that even before I said anything.” I pointed at Lance. He looked at me, totally unamused. Oh well, I thought it was funny. He sighed loudly, and shook his head.

“I have to agree with Brian, you’re pretty obvious, Viss.” He shrugged. “It’s not like it’s a bad thing, though.”


“You… You don’t think he’s too old for me?” Seriously?

“Dude.” I interrupted. “It’s a five year difference. It’s not like he’s dad’s age.”

"It’s really not that bad." Lance said. "It just seems kinda big because he’s already graduated high school, while you’re still a freshman. I mean, you’re probably going to want to wait until you’re older before you say anything, since he’s in the limelight quite a bit because of both his dad, and because of me being his best friend. No reason to make him seem like he’s a pedophile or something."

"You wouldn’t have a problem, though?" She asked him.

"Why would I?" He asked. "If my sister and friend want to date, who am I to stop it." He stood in the doorway for a little bit before finally coming into the room. Sitting on his bed, he took a deep breath.


"But I actually needed to talk to you guys about something. I need advice." If he didn’t have our attention before, he did now. Since he’s the older, more "perfect" brother, Lance doesn’t usually ask us for advice. Especially not me. No, I’m just the irresponsible one.

"I… um… I’ve actually known about this for years, but I never knew what to do about it." He started to fiddle with his fingers. A habit he always tended to do when he was nervous.

I leaned forward, mentally telling him to spit it out. I must have got through, because the next part of his sentence shot out of his mouth.

"Dad isn’t my real dad." He paused for a second before talking again. "Biologically, I mean. I’ve always seen him as my dad, but I’m not really his kid."


I looked at Vissa, and I’m guessing that we shared the same look. Our eyes were the size of baseballs, and she looked both surprised, and confused. It did make sense though. I never knew where he got his blonde hair from, or his green eyes. I just thought it came from one of our grandparents.

"How long have you known?" Vissa asked him. He narrowed his eyes, trying to remember.

"Probably since I was about seven."

"Nine years?" I asked him. I was surprised that he kept it in for so long. I know that I probably would have shouted it out a long time ago.

"Actually, it’s eleven years." Vissa interrupted. I was going to argue back that she was wrong, when I realized my mistake. I felt my face begin to heat up, but I tried to shake it off. No way was I going to let them see me looking embarrassed.

"How do you even know this?" I asked.

"Dad said it himself. We were at aunt Deidre’s old house, and he told Renee. But that’s not the point. The point is that he’s had all this time to talk to me about it, but he hasn’t. I want to know why, but I don’t know if I should ask.” He hesitated. “What if he hates me?"


"He’s not going to hate you!" Vissa interrupted. She moved closer to Lance, and hugged him. "But you do deserve to know the whole story. Just go talk to him."

"Yeah, and if you turn on the waterworks like you usually do, you’ll have him wrapped around your finger all over again." I said. "It’s not like you’re his fa- OW!" I yelled.


They both knew that I was about to say that Lance is dad’s favorite, which is totally true. I’m the only one who believes that though, so she threw her book at me to shut me up. If someone else had thrown it, it probably would have missed. But I’m lucky enough to be related to the best pitcher on the junior varsity baseball team.

Rubbing the spot that I knew was going to bruise, I saw the hurt look on Lance’s face. Ugh.

"Sorry." I said. "But you probably should talk to dad anyway. I know I’d wanna know why he never told me. Besides, what’s the worst that he could-"

"Hey, thanks for letting me use your shower, guys." Sebastian’s voice spoke right before he walked through the open doorway. He stopped and stared at us; and we stared back at him.

"Did I interrupt something?" He asked. Lance shook his head, and stood up.

"Nope! You’re good." He walked toward Sebastian. "I was just talking with them about some audition stuff. Thanks for your advice guys." Lance and Sebastian walked out of the room, and I sat on my bed. I didn’t move at all as I tried to listen for any sounds.


I heard the sound of the front door open and close. Then I heard a knock on a door. That’s when I knew that Lance was gonna talk to dad.

"What are you doing?" Vissa asked me when I stood up. I ignored her, and tiptoed out of my room.


When I got to my parents’ bedroom door, I put my ear against it.

"-long have you known?" My dad’s voice came through the door.

"Ever since you told Renee." Lance answered dad pretty quietly. I almost couldn’t hear him. "When I went to visit, I kinda convinced her to spill the beans. I Googled him afterwards. I can’t believe that I’m the son of a-"


I jumped three feet in the air as someone grabbed my shoulder.

"What are you doing?" Valyssa asked. She stared at me with her arms crossed. It almost looked like she couldn’t believe what I was doing, though she really shouldn’t be surprised. We are twins after all.

I shushed her, and turned back to put my ear up against the door.

"… I never told you because I never wanted you to feel any different from Bri and Viss. I may not be your biological father, but I’m still, and always will be your dad." Darn it! Lance’s dad was a what? I’d missed something really important all because Vissa just had to distract me.


"Brian Kelly!" Vissa whispered. she knew that’d get my attention. I hated my middle name, especially when it came out of my sister’s mouth. She thought that saying it how mom and dad did would make her the boss of me, even though she’s only a couple of minutes older.

"Be quiet." I told her. "I’m trying to hear what they are saying." I turned back to face the door, not expecting it to open, and slam into my face.


"Ow!" I yelled as the door made contact with my nose. I fell backwards onto my butt. As I rubbed my nose, Vissa started to laugh. Great…

Lance poked his head out from behind the door, giving us a confused look.


"Sorry, Brian." He said, and he offered to help me up. When I was on my feet again, I checked my nose for blood. My already huge nose was definitely going to swell, but luckily there was no blood. I’d just have to deal with looking like Jimmy Durante for a while.

I shook Lance off as he tried to help me more, and gave Vissa a death glare. She stood there trying to hide her laughter by covering her mouth. It wasn’t working.

"Oh, by the way." Lance said. "Mom and dad want to speak with you in their room." My stomach turned when he said that. I couldn’t remember doing anything that would usually get me in trouble; at least recently. I probably looked worried, because my big bro put his hand on my shoulder, and smiled.


"Cheer up! They didn’t seem upset, just that they wanted to talk. Now, I got to go shower." He patted my shoulder as he passed by. "I’m sure you’ll be fine."

I turned around to look at my sister. She looked confused, but just shrugged at me, and walked back to my room.

So much for twins sticking together…



I slowly crept into my mom and dad’s room, and saw them sitting on their bed. I gulped, kinda worried about what they needed me for. That’s when my dad noticed me.

"Hey kiddo! C’mon in." I was surprised; that usually wasn’t the attitude he had in these kinds of situations. I sat between them on the bed, kinda expecting some yelling to start.


Both of them had really goofy smiles on their faces, my mom ‘glowing’ more than she normally did. Pregnancy seemed to be pretty good to her.

"Relax, son." Dad said. "You’re not in trouble. We just needed to talk about something important." He got really serious after that. He took a deep breath, then started to talk again.


"I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye, but I wanted you to know that I’m really proud to call you my son." I was a bit shocked. Not because I didn’t think my dad loved me, but because I always felt like the family screw up. I wasn’t smart like Vissa, or a goody-two shoes like Lance; I was constantly butting heads with my family because I do things I shouldn’t; the list goes on. Honestly, the only thing I got going for me is my music, and I’m not even that good. So to hear that my dad was actually proud to be my dad was kinda… nice.

"And one of the things that I always wanted for my kids was for them to be happy, and to follow their dreams. I had that opportunity when my aunts encouraged me to pursue the career that I wanted." I had met dad’s aunts only once or twice, before they passed away a couple of years ago, so I didn’t know them that well. They seemed really chill, yet spunky. Dad was pretty beat up when they died.


"I want that same opportunity for all of my kids. Now, you already know that Lance is already doing what he loves, and Viss is on the fast track to playing professional sports, plus she already has a bit of an ‘in’ with your uncle Richie. So there isn’t much we can do for them."

"However, there is something that we can do for you." My mom interrupted. She tried to stand up, only to need my dad’s help. She waddled over to her side table, and pulled something out of the drawer.


"We saw you looking at this two months ago, and we discussed it. We have the money, and we’re okay with it." With the biggest smile I’ve ever seen her have, she tossed something onto the bed in front of me. I picked it up, and noticed that it was a brochure to LeFromage Art School in Twinbrook.

Wait… what?!?


My jaw dropped. I jumped up from the bed, and looked at my parents. "No… No effin’ way!" I covered my mouth as I caught the unamused look from my dad. "Sorry. But you guys are serious? This is the biggest art school this side of the US." I felt myself begin to get choked up. I couldn’t believe that they’d do something like this for me.

"We know how important music is to you, and we want to give you the chance to learn from the best." My dad said, his eyes misting over. I dropped the brochure on the ground, and ran over to my parents to pull them into a big hug.


"Thank you! Thank you so much!!!"