Dear Readers (If there are any),

I ask that you bear with me, as this is my first blog ever. I am going to try to follow Pinstar1161’s rules, but I can’t promise that I’m not going to break a few of them. I decided to do my legacy in Bridgeport because I thought it would make my legacy slightly different. Since there were no open 60×60 lots, I stole the Striker Family’s 50×50 lot and used a cheat to make my household cash to how much the founder is supposed to start with (which is 1,800, even though pinstar says its 1,300. I checked many times). Also, every time I read a legacy, I always feel bad for the tenth generation because there life has just started, and you don’t really get to “know” them, so my legacy will finish once the tenth generation gets married. This is a patriarchy since I haven’t seen a lot of those, and the heir will be the firstborn male of every generation (unless I find that the firstborn son isn’t fit to rule the family). If the firstborn happens to be twins or triplets, I will go with the one I named first. I am not going to follow a point system because that is way to confusing. I thank you again for reading my legacy, and I hope you enjoy. Now on with the show! (edit) Before you read, I suggest you check out the Rules page,  Its just a basic list of rules that I ask for you to try so that we can keep my page clean and awesome! If you are interested in any of the characters, check out the Sim Downloads page, and I even have a page with Funny And Interesting Pictures for you all to see, and if you are curious about who is who, and who sired who, check out the Family Tree page. All of these pages are under the Extras tab/menu thing.

This is my founder, Conrad Lee. Conrad is a young man trying to escape his past and make his way in the world as a professional stylist. But will his past catch up with him?

Traits – Artistic, Perfectionist, Hot-Headed, Good Sense of Humor, & Friendly.


Brian Lee heads up the second generation as a teenager. Brian’s always had a passion for music. As he grew older, his passion grew, and when specific opportunities present themselves, he jumps at the chance. But will this ‘act now, think later’ type attitude cause more harm then good?

Traits – Virtuoso, ???, ???, ???, ???


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  1. I can’t wait to read your legacy. Your founder seems unconventional and I’m all for breaking Pinstar’s rules 😀 I’ve added you to my blogroll

    • Thank you! (if that was a compliment) I wanted to try to make my founder sort of “against the grain”, and wanted to do an ambitions job since you see your characters job more, and its not like they disappear for a few hours.

  2. Sianystar

     /  July 15, 2011

    I’m looking forward to this! Thanks for putting my legacy on your blogroll too, I’ll pop yours on mine 🙂 I agree that Conrad seems a bit unconventional, I can’t wait for you to get started properly!

  3. swimlilfishey

     /  April 7, 2012

    This looks cool, can’t wait to read! 😀 Love his style-y glasses!!!

  4. Oh nice, a story with a guy sim! This is the first one I found 🙂

    • Oy! I just saw your comment now. I feel so bad… D: Sorry!!!

      Anyway. It does seem like the a lot of the simming community likes having girl characters. However, if you are interested in reading stories with a lot of guy characters, or a relatively even mix, I’d be happy to lead you to some! 🙂

  5. meg

     /  May 14, 2016

    Hey there! I nominated this legacy for the Spirit Animal Award because this legacy is beautiful.

  6. Hiya! I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.


  7. This is really good looking forward on your legacy! Maybe you can create on of a female named Ava or Roza! Please stay safe



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