2.1 Changes

A/N: Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since I posted anything… I’ve just been feeling kinda unmotivated lately, but I had this chapter written for a while, so I just decided to force myself to take all of the pictures. I’m not really happy with how it came out (both writing, and picture-wise), but I spent a bit of time trying to figure out how to change it… To no avail. I hope you enjoy regardless. Let me know what you think.

Oh! By the way, I’m going to try (for this generation) to have all of the chapters titled after a song (since Brian is a music buff). It’s harder than I thought… After hours of being frustrated about not finding a song that represented this chapter enough… I finally decided to title it after ‘Changes’ by David Bowie (click the song title to hear the song). It’s not exactly what I would have liked. But it’ll do.

Enjoy! (Hopefully…)



I slammed the trunk of the car closed after my dad put the last of my bags in the car. He rubbed his eyes, slightly annoyed because Vissa and I had gotten into an argument. It wasn’t my fault though! She was the one who thought it was okay to pretty much throw my bass case into the back seat. I’m not normally very picky when it comes to taking care of things, but if you aren’t careful when handling instruments, you could be in big trouble.


She apologized, but didn’t really seem to care, telling me to relax. Miss uptight and perfect, telling ME to relax?

The fight ended when Lance put himself in between the two of us, and told us to stop. I rolled my eyes, and turned away to walk to the car.

“Sure, Golden Boy.”




After what felt like a million hours (but it was only about 5), my family and I finally arrived at LeFromage. My dad and Lance began to take stuff out of the car, and this time I made sure that Lance was careful with my bass.


Vissa, my mom, and I started to walk toward the front door, all of us staring at how HUGE the place was.


Before they even got to the front steps, the doors opened, and a random older guy walked confidently over to our car.

“Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Lee to LeFromage Art School.” The way he said the name of the school, it made both Vissa and I chuckle. It was like he switched accents from American to French just so that he could say the word. A stare from our parents and Lance shut us up pretty quick, though.

“I am Headmaster Levi Harvey. We are delighted that you could be here with us today.” Harvey forced a big smile on his face, and you could tell that he didn’t really want to be here right now. I hoped that this wouldn’t be like the movies, where the headmaster was a saint in front of the parents, but once it was only them and the kids, they turn into Ms. Trunchbull.


“And this must be Brian.” He walked over to me and said. Well duh! I thought. Is there another 15 year old man in this family? I fought the urge to roll my eyes, knowing that I’d end up getting a lecture about how I shouldn’t have a big mouth. Instead, I put my hand out.

“Yep! That’s me. Nice to meet you.” Mr. Harvey nodded happily. I guess kids with good manners isn’t a normal thing.

“It is a delight to meet such a well mannered young man.” He looked at mom and dad, totally trying to be a suck up. I looked at my twin sister, and she stuck her finger in her mouth in disgust. I stuck my tongue out at her. Hey, she isn’t the only one who can get complimented.


“Now, if you would all follow me, I’ll take you on the official tour.” He did one of those military turns, and started to walk back to the front door. “Don’t worry about your bags. Someone can come get them.” Suddenly, a couple of people that were dressed in what looked like bellboy uniforms came and started unpacking our car. Dad looked a little nervous at so many people going through the stuff in our car, but I thought it was pretty cool!



LeFromage was just as amazeballs inside as it was outside! They had whole sections just dedicated to specific kinds of art. Harvey said that they’d recently had an expansion put in, just so that they could finally add in a studio for sculptors. Sure, the dorms weren’t huge, but there was enough room for the kids to be at least a little comfy.

When we got back down to the main lobby area, Mr. Harvey called for mom and dad to meet in his office to fill out some forms. They told Lance, Vissa and I that we could explore the grounds if we wanted to.


When they left, I looked at my siblings. “So, what do you think?”

“It looks amazing!” Lance said. But his face didn’t really match his words. Vissa looked stuck in between being extremely happy, and really bummed.


“No buts.” Lance said. “We’re just really going to miss you.”

“I’m sure you guys will survive without me.”


“But it’s two years.” Vissa said sadly. “Who am I going to blame things on?” She playfully punched my chest, and her and Lance laughed while I just rolled my eyes.

“But in all seriousness.” She said when they stopped laughing. “The three of us have never been apart from each other for so long. I know we can still talk, and we’ll see each other on the holidays. It’s just not going to be the same.” She started choking up a little, and I saw some tears in her eyes. I looked over at Lance, and he looked like he was going to start crying too.

I wasn’t expecting that. No, I didn’t think they were going to have a party with me being gone, I just thought they wouldn’t really care either way. That’s when it all hit me. We wouldn’t be able to hang out for a while. They would be at home, and I would be in this strange place. I almost didn’t want to go anymore.


“You guys… I-“ The door to the headmaster’s office flew open, and my dad ran out. He threw the car keys at Lance, who was able to catch them a second before they hit him in the face.

“Lance, get the car. NOW!” He said. He turned around to run back to the office.

“What’s going on?” Lance asked.


“Your mother’s in labor.” He shouted. “We need to get to the hospital, now!”





Lance, Vissa and I were sitting in the waiting room of the hospital. Headmaster Harvey had stayed with us a while, but at around 12 am, he decided it was probably a good idea to head back to school. Classes didn’t start for me for a couple of days, so I had some extra time to stay and wait for the birth of my baby sibling. It was now 3 am, and all of us sat in the uncomfortable seats without saying a word.

“Hey Bri.” Lance said after a while. His voice made me jump, because it had been ‘library’ silent before.



“Sorry about getting all emotional before.” He leaned forward in his chair, making it creak louder than an old floorboard. “We are happy that you get to go to a place like LeFromage, we’re just going to miss you. I don’t want you to think that we don’t want you going.”

“How did you know?”


“Oh please,” Vissa said. “You’re one of the most transparent people I’ve ever met. We could see the second that we talked about how it wasn’t going to be the same that you wanted to jump ship.” She stood up, and walked over to stand behind my chair. She leaned forward and hugged me from behind.

“We are definitely going to miss you, but I refuse to be the reason that you missed out. So whether you’re scared or not, you’re going.”  I really hated it when she bossed me around. I looked at Lance, and begged him with my eyes to help me escape from the hug. He stood up, but instead of getting Vissa off of me, he hugged me from the other side.


“Just make sure you come back after you graduate.” He said. They were both hugging me tightly, making us this weird sibling sandwich. It was nice, but I really wanted it to end soon because all I can feel are VISSA’S BOOBS ON MY BACK! OH MY GOD I DON’T WANT TO FEEL THAT RIGHT NOW.

Before I could say anything, dad walked out into the lobby. Viss noticed him first, and let me go. I took a deep breath, relieved to not feel her chest up against me. We all stared at him, waiting for him to tell us how mom and the baby were.

“Hey.” He said, like we didn’t just spend hours waiting for mom to push a baby out of her privates. ”Would you guys like to meet your brother?”

HECK yeah!




Skylar Frederick Lee was the name they chose for my new baby brother. As he slept in my dad’s arms, Vissa asked mom where the name came from.

Well, we just kind of liked the name Skylar,” she chuckled. “But Frederick was actually my dad’s name. He died when you guys were two, and he meant a lot to me. And since Brian is named after your grandmother, we decided to give Skylar my dad’s name.” Wait, what?


“What do you mean I’m named after my grandma?” I asked. This was the first time I’ve ever heard that.

“We never told you?” Dad asked. “You’re named after my mom. Brianna Kelly. She passed away before any of you kids were born.” Well that was… weird.

“What happened to her?” I asked.


“It’s uhh…” My dad said nervously. “It’s a long story. There are some things that your mother and I went through that we’ve never told you kids. We felt that it was best for you guys not to know. But I will let you know that I didn’t have the easiest childhood.”


Way to make a weird moment even weirder. Dad always seemed like he had a pretty boring life. He’s always been a pretty nice, happy guy (except for the huge amount of cheesiness that he usually shares with the world) so I always pictured him growing up in some lame suburban house on a hill. I started to wonder how bad the things were that my mom and dad went through. It couldn’t have been that bad, right?



When I got back to the school the sun was rising. Headmaster Harvey had told me that I could take a few days to stay with my family in the hospital before I actually come to go to classes, but I didn’t really feel like staying in a hospital, so I had Lance and Vissa drop me off.

I crashed into the boys’ dorm, and threw myself on an open bunk. But while I closed my eyes to sleep, I heard the other guys start to get up.


“Did you hear what happened yesterday?” I heard one of the guys ask.

“Yeah, dude!” Another one said. “I heard that some old lady’s water broke in Harvey’s office.” My eyes shot open when it clicked on who they were talking about.

“I heard it was some 60 year old decrepit hag.”

“I heard that her baby juice got everywhere.” Most of the guys groaned when he said that.

“That’s freaking disgusting.” The first guy said. “Old people should keep their disgusting crap in their pants. I would NOT want to be her kid.” I couldn’t take it anymore. I jumped out of bed with a loud thud, and faced the guys who were criticizing my mom.


“Hey!” I shouted. “That’s my mom that you’re talking about. She’s not some decrepit hag, and it’s not like she could control when her water broke. Who freaking cares how old she is? If her and my dad want to have another kid, then they should be able to do whatever they want without some idiot acting like they’re diseased.” I was beyond ticked off.

At this point though, I hadn’t had any sleep except for maybe closing my eyes on a hospital chair, so I know that I was moodier than normal. Should I have called them idiots? Probably not. But I also knew how much it meant to my mom that she could have another kid.

She’d told us when she first got pregnant that she had been in a pretty bad accident after she had us, and it made it almost impossible to have any more kids. Hearing that gave me a whole ton of respect for my mom, so I wasn’t going to let some loser who didn’t know everything just badmouth her like that.


“What did you call me?” He asked. I balled my fists.

“You heard me.” The guys standing around him looked at me like I was telling them that bananas were purple. The big guy in the middle stared at me, but I was not going to back down. Sure, if he tried he could probably kick my butt. But I didn’t care.

“Whatever, loser.” He said with a shrug. He turned to leave the room, and the other guys followed him out.


When they were gone, I tossed myself back onto my bed with a groan. What just happened played over in my head, and it finally clicked what I might have done. Was I going to let that moron bother me? No. I had better things to do. But before I drifted off to sleep, I wondered if I had just accidentally put a big target on my own back.


Thanks for reading! As usual, feedback is appreciated! 🙂

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  1. Good for Brian, insulting that moron. What kind of a jerk insults someone who just gave birth? But yeah, this dude will probably not make things easy for him.

    • Yeah. Brian does have quite the tendency to say what’s on his mind. That can be both a good and bad thing. Like in this situation.

      Apparently, insensitive idiots make comments like that. Brian can handle himself in most tough situations, but this guy is not one to trifle with either.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. azzywoods

     /  May 17, 2016

    What a f*cktard! There’s no way a person can control when they give birth, and Odine is not old.

    I hope Brian gets at least one friend.

    • Yeah, some people can be pretty insensitive. Granted, they didn’t know the things Odine had to go through to finally be able to have an other child, but it still doesn’t excuse anything.

      Brian’s a pretty friendly guy, so we’ll have to see what happens.

      Thanks for reading!!!

  3. Mmm yes, I know exactly what you mean about the frustration inherent in selecting a song that fits the chapter. The most difficult part of it I feel is that chapters tend to have shifting moods and events whereas a song typically hones in on a single idea and/or emotion, so oftentimes the fit isn’t perfect. That being said, I think your song selection captured the feeling of this chapter just fine =) I would say though that perhaps you could link the song? That way we could easily check it out if we so choose!

    Now, onto the chapter itself. Brian doesn’t pay very close attention to the impact his words have, does he? For instance throwing out snide remarks like “Golden boy” at Lance and failing to see how it gets to his brother. Not that it makes him a mean person necessarily, just not a very observant one, which is evidenced again by the fact that he seemed surprised that his siblings would miss him when it seems pretty obvious to anyone else that they’re very close. I could definitely see that obliviousness causing issues in the future 😉 Course it could be a phase too—he’s still very young.

    Also, UMM his roommates are so rude!!!! Then again, maybe it’s partly an age thing too? …nah they’re rude, LOL. Good on Brian for sticking up to them! Honestly, they don’t seem like the type of people that would have made very good friends anyway. Unfortunately I get the feeling that Brian DID place a big ol’ target on his back though. Looks like he can defend himself alright, but I’d feel better if he made some real friends to help him out too…..

    • Ugh! I literally sat at the computer for hours trying to find a good enough song, and that’s exactly why I had so much trouble. The song would stray away from the chapter, and it just wouldn’t feel right. Funnily enough, I told Jax that ‘I give up’ on finding the right title, right before I found this one. But that’s a good idea. I’ll add the link once I finish with this response.

      Brian can be a tad oblivious, and he also doesn’t think before he says or does things. He does realize that calling Lance ‘Golden Boy’ probably doesn’t feel the best, but he also struggles with being a bit bitter towards his seemingly ‘perfect’ brother. And he also seems to think that he’s the family nuisance. Or the ‘problem’ child. Which is evidenced in the moments when he is surprised when his family shows him that they care (ex: when his parents surprised him by applying at LeFromage for him, or when Lance and Vissa said that they were going to miss him). He just needs to understand that his family does care for him. It’d make things a lot better.

      His roommates were pretty rude! The dude that Brian told off is not really the best person, but I don’t think the dude in the middle of the group of boys is so bad 😉 (PS. It’s my simself… I just needed an extra, and he popped up, so I thought I’d use him. XD ) The really aren’t the type of people that he’d want to surround himself with, but they are also teenage boys… Boy who don’t fully understand how the female body functions. The black haired boy is not someone who lets you forget that you’ve made him angry, but Brian can handle himself in a tussle. We’ll have to see what happens in the ‘friends’ department.

      Thanks for reading! Now I am off to add the song link, and to comment on something I said I’d comment on weeks ago! Oops… XD

  4. I have a feeling that Brian’s mouth is going to get him into trouble. It’s good he stood up to those boys but he didn’t do himself any favors by doing it. It should be an interesting three years for him.

  5. Oh Brian, when will you learn that your mouth is probably going to get you in oh so much trouble? I don’t agree in calling those other poop heads names (as I just did) but, I would be pretty peeved too if they were talking bad about my mom while I was RIGHT there. Sure, they didn’t know. But still. Why make fun of someone just because they had a BABY? They’re very immature.

    But awww, the sibling love. Poor Brian seems like he doesn’t know what to do with all of his emotions. Teenagers… pfft 😉 He’s got such a long way to go, but I know he’ll be alright. And I actually didn’t realize that their kids didn’t know anything about their past. Sure, it makes the most sense for them not to know… but I thought they might have heard or saw a little something. I guess they really didn’t want any of them to know what happened when before they were born. It really is a touchy subject.

    I know Brian is nervous, but I think he’s going to alright! If anything ever happens, he can always just vent to his parents or tell the headmaster. He doesn’t need to feel like he’s an open target because he got into a scuffle with some dumb kids. Plus, he could always just try to reason with them… If that doesn’t work, it’s best to just ignore them when he sees them. It’s just not worth it.

    I found this chapter very well written and I love how Brian’s personality is coming out more and more. I don’t see why you think it’s dumb or not good enough. For shame, baby! ;P

    I love you!!! Great job, honey. ❤

  6. shannynlee4

     /  June 24, 2016

    Those guys are jerks! I think Brian has made enemies, but hopefully he can make some friends.


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