2.2 Cool Kids

A/N: Heya guys! Longish time no talk! I was pretty into Fading Quickly for a bit, even though I still took forever to post there as well, and I was (as per usual) stuck on a small part of this chapter. Throw in a couple of other reasons like procrastination, and job loss, and you’ve got a good enough reason for why I took forever, right..?

Anyway! I have to admit, that this chapter did not come out the way I had originally planned AT ALL!!! Like, it actually came out the opposite way. But I like this better. I don’t want to spoil too much though, so you’ll have to wait for the explanation (if you’re interested) probably at the end of Brian’s next chapter.

The title of this chapter comes from the song obviously titled Cool Kids by Echosmith. I think it fits the theme of this chapter quite well, lemme know what you think! I wanted to add the video to the post, but it wasn’t working for some reason, so you’ll just have to survive with the link.

Enjoy! 😉



The first day of class was mostly like a normal day of school. At least until after lunch. That was when the ‘interesting’ classes started.

I walked slowly into my next classroom. On the board in big letters were the words ‘History of Rock & Roll’. Finally! A class that I might be pretty good at. When it comes to any other subject, I suck at it. But even I’ll admit that I’m pretty smart when it comes to music.


“Move, twerp.” I heard someone say behind me. Before I could do anything, somebody rammed into my shoulder. Hard!

I didn’t even have to look at the person to know who bumped me. As Cameron shoved past me, he looked at me like I was an ant.

Ever since I told him off for calling my mom disgusting, Cameron has made it his life mission to mess with me. I think he’s trying to break me, but I’m not gonna give him the satisfaction.


“Sorry Cam.” I said, Rubbing my shoulder. “I didn’t know you were fat enough to need to take up this whole doorway.” I forced a smile on my face, even though I really just wanted to have my fist have a very nice talk with his face.

Kill ‘em with kindness and all that.

“Whatever, loser.” He said. His friends started to laugh – at him or me, I didn’t know – until he gave them the same look that he gave me a second ago. ‘Shut up, or I’ll kill you’.

"So you signed up for the easy class?" Cameron asked. "What, not smart enough to go to a class where you need actual talent?"

"Says the guy who is standing in this classroom, holding books with the same title as the name of the class."


"Nah, man. I’m just here cuz I heard the teacher is mega hot! She’s like, the only bangable teacher at this crap-joint. I also heard that it’s pretty easy to get ‘extra credit’” Cam said with a smile that made my skin crawl, as he started thrusting his crotch forward, holding an imaginary girl in front of him.

“Pig.” One of the girls said as she passed by, and smacked Cameron on the arm.

“The teacher’s coming.” Another one said. I shot one last look at Cameron, and rushed to find an open seat.

As I slid into a seat near the front, I breathed a sigh of relief. If this was the only class that I could get good grades in, then I was going to try my freakin’ hardest to make a good impression. I didn’t want to look like I was wasting my time when the teacher walked in.


Her heels clicked on the tiles in a weird rhythm. It reminded me of a bass drum, keeping the tempo for the rest of the instruments to play together. I looked down at my lap, fighting the urge to use my pencils as drumsticks; tapping them loudly against my desk. I’d already brought enough attention to myself when I talked back to Cameron, I didn’t want people having a bigger reason to think that I’m crazy.

When the tapping stopped, I looked up.


Cameron is a lot of things, but he’s not a liar. At least, about the teacher’s… attractiveness.

When the teacher turned around, she gave us a big smile. She was a lot younger than I thought she was going to be. There was no way she was as old as my dad.


“Good afternoon, class.” She said. “Welcome to ‘History of Rock & Roll’. I know that a lot of you probably only signed up because you thought it’d be an easy grade.

While I can’t say that it’s not true, I want to encourage you to think of this more than that. You can learn so much about the histories of the greatest artists of their time. From Kurt Cobain, to Elvis Presley; Jimi Hendrix to U2, your time in this class can show you – provided that you let it – that these “famous” musicians were just ordinary people like you.”


“Now, as this is your first day, I want you guys to feel comfortable. My name is Kaitlyn Bates, you can call me Kaitlyn, or Kait. Or, if it’ll make you more comfortable, you could call me Mrs. Bates.” Some of the other kids laughed, probably thinking about that ‘Bates Motel’ show. I heard a desk squeak behind me, like someone was leaning their chair over.

“What about ‘Master’ Bates.” Cameron tried to whisper to one of his friends. He started to laugh, not thinking about how it doesn’t count as a whisper unless you ACTUALLY WHISPER IT!

Kaitlyn started to walk slowly toward his desk, her heels clicking again on the tile. Cameron was focusing so much on how funny (read: gross) his joke was, that he didn’t notice what Kaitlyn was doing until she was standing right in front of him.


“You seem to know a lot about that, don’t you Mr. Zheng?” Kaitlyn asked him. “Since it doesn’t seem like you’ll be getting any ‘extra credit’ any time soon.” With that, she turned around, and walked confidently to the front of the room. Cameron’s face was frozen with his jaw dropped down to his knees. It was weird that someone besides me got Cam to finally shut up.

Best. Teacher. Ever!


Starting at LeFromage as a junior instead of as a freshman left me in a weird spot. All of the ‘groups of friends’ had already been set up. While I normally have no problem making friends, it didn’t seem like anyone was waiting with open arms for me to just shove my way in.


The teachers were cool though, and the ‘normal class’ teachers actually took the time to try to help me understand all of the stupid, complicated stuff.


I found myself spending a lot of time in the music room, practicing and learning new songs on the different instruments. I also, surprisingly, spent a lot of time in my dorm room studying. Oh lord, I’m turning into my sister. But when your social life is going down the toilet…


Speaking of my sister, I spent any chance that I could talking over Skype with my family back home. I didn’t tell them anything about my problems, because I didn’t want them worrying. I knew my mom would want to jump to my rescue at the first sign of trouble. I just didn’t want to be the lame kid who had ‘mommy and daddy come to his wittle wescue’.


“So are you the belle of the ball yet?” Vissa asked me. She’d just gotten home after softball practice, so I bugged her until she finally got on her computer. It was the best time for us to talk, since most of my other classmates were usually out doing something that they never invited me to. So I was able to say whatever I wanted without worrying about being harassed.


“Oh yeah.” I joked. “I’m like, the most popular guy in school. All of the ladies want me. I’ve actually gotten to the point of needing to create a waiting list for dates!”

Vissa laughed as I kept joking about my ‘popularity’. She started to update me on how everyone was doing at home. How Skylar was already sitting up by himself, and how his eyes had changed from their birth color to the lavender that he got from dad. It was cool to hear about everything that was happening, but it made my heart hurt to be missing out. Especially since my life kinda sucked right now.


Vissa turned her head as someone called her name. I couldn’t hear what the person was saying, but Vissa nodded and motioned for them to come over.

“Hey Bri!” Sebastian said as his head popped onto the screen. He gave me a big smile and waved. “Taking time out of your lady wooing schedule to talk with us?”

“Sure!” I said with a chuckle. “I told them all to take a number.” With all of the jokes, I was starting to wonder if they actually thought I was some womanizer.


“You show ‘em who’s boss.” He said with a wink. “So Bri, you mind if I steal your lovely sister from you? I have a very romantic evening that sort of requires her presence.” I guess I’d forgotten to mention that Seb and Vissa got together. He told her a couple of months ago that he liked her a lot, and wanted to take her out on a date. Vissa said that it was very romantic, which brought me to gag city. But if she’s happy, then I’m good.

“Have at it. I’m not going to stop the romance from flowing.” I said with a smile. But inside, I was desperately begging them not to leave.

“Thanks, Bri. I’ll see you in the living room, honey.” He kissed her on the forehead, and then left.


“So how’s paradise?” I asked her when he was gone.

Vissa sighed happily before responding. “He’s great. He’s so sweet; and thoughtful; and romantic. It’s so weird though. Things haven’t changed too much, but they feel different. It’s hard to explain.”

“Did you have one of those ‘firework’ passionate moments when you guys kissed?”

“Holy crap, our first kiss was the worst!” She said with a laugh. I raised an eyebrow at her, hoping she’d spill the details.

“Neither of us have ever been kissed, so when we tried, we rammed foreheads at first. Then he opened his mouth too big, practically swallowing my face.” I started to laugh so hard that I snorted, which I never do.

“Then when we finally felt like we got it right, I decided that it was a good idea to just jam my tongue in there! He almost gagged!” She covered her face in embarrassment and groaned. “We both eventually got so embarrassed that I started crying. Sebastian had to console me with a bowl of ice cream, and a Jackie Chan movie.”


“That sounds terrible.” I said as my laughter subsided.

“At the time, it was. But thinking about it now, I’d rather have that than some cliché fireworks and romantic explosions.” When I asked her why, she beamed. “Because then it wouldn’t be us. We did eventually get it right, but it’s the weird, imperfect moments make me love Seb even more.” She looked at me like she just realized something huge.

“You love him?” I asked. She nodded slowly, probably thinking it over.


“Yeah.” She smiled. “I do.

“Even without the whirlwind romance, or the fireworks?”

“Yeah.” She repeated. “I love Sebastian. Even though it’s only been a few months, it just feels right. Love isn’t always fireworks and explosions. Sometimes love is that moment that your comfortable just being with someone. Watching a movie, or playing a game, or just talking. I mean, look at mom and dad. Dad isn’t rescuing mom from any evil villains, but he’s still her hero.”

I probably looked confused, because she shook her head, and sighed. “I’m probably not explaining it right.”


“Yeah, you’re kinda making love sound boring.” I said.

“I know.” She said. “But it’s not something that you can ‘get’ unless you’re in love. I’m telling you, you’ll understand when you meet the right person.”

“And in the mean time, I’m going to hope for an exciting whirlwind romance, with fireworks sounding the second our lips touch.”


“I’m not saying that doesn’t happen.” She said, sounding a little bit frustrated. “I’m just saying that-“

She paused as someone called her name. “Yeah! I’m coming! Just give me a minute!” She looked at me again. “I really have to go. We can talk about it later, okay?”

I nodded, not really wanting her to leave. With a smile, and a wave she logged off. I stared at the screen as a sinking feeling started in my chest.


I missed my parents, I missed not being there as Skylar grew every single day, I missed my old friends. Heck, I even missed Vissa’s constant jabs and the feeling that I don’t reach Lance’s level on the ‘perfect son’ meter.


As I leaned back on my chair, my heart felt heavy, and one thought crossed my mind.

I want to go home.



I HATE THIS SCHOOL!!! There. I said it! Problem?

Okay, I’m going to correct myself. I don’t hate the school itself. I was actually getting better grades here than I was back at home, and I’ve learned so much stuff about music, and art. Back home, dad tried to see if any of us inherited his artistic talent. None of us seemed to have that ‘niche’ (Take that, Lance. I can use smart people words, too.). But since art is sort of required here, I’ve gotten pretty good with a brush. I couldn’t wait to show dad all that I’d learned.


Cameron and his sidekicks seem to keep trying to make my life as miserable as possible. But really, that isn’t the thing that’s bothering me. It sucks, but I can handle a couple of idiotic goons. It’s everyone else that is driving me insane.

I’ve always been able to make friends super fast wherever I go. At my old school back in Bridgeport, I always had at least a few friends. If I didn’t have any, I quickly made some.


I’ve been doing the same thing here, talking to people; finding things in common; buddying up. We’re in a freakin’ art school. I have more in common with the people here than I did with anyone else. But even though they are super friendly to me, and we have long conversations, nobody comes and talks to me. I don’t get invited anywhere. It’s like they forget I exist right after I leave. I hate this feeling of loneliness. It’s driving me crazy!


It was one of those days that I was feeling really lonely that I found it. As I was coming back from class, I saw a piece of paper laying on my pillow. I picked it up, and squinted my eyes at the scribbled handwriting.

‘Party in student lounge tonight after lights out. Be there. B.Y.O.B.’

I wondered who left this here. It wouldn’t be Cameron, unless it was a trap, and they were planning on embarrassing me. But even if it was, I could handle it. Who knows, maybe this was a legit invite, and someone actually thought I was cool enough to invite to a party. Maybe my luck was turning around.


I let myself fall on the bed, as a small smile forced its way on my face. Maybe this school wouldn’t be so bad after all.


A/N: Thanks for reading guys! I’m kinda fighting the urge to explain how it came out so different, and why. But I really don’t wanna spoil anything, (even if it is just a small detail, semi-unimportant detail >.>). If you have any questions, though, feel free to comment and ask, and I’ll answer as best as I can. XD

I’m actually planning on not having he next chapter be a Brian chapter, as we haven’t actually seen what’s happening with Lance and Vissa (and the rest of the family) while Brian has been at school, so I’m thinking of doing a special featuring scenes of their lives without Brian. Whaddya think?

As usual, likes and comments are much appreciated! Thanks for reading!

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  1. I can so relate to Brian and the difficulty of making friends at a new place. Been there.
    And I totally understand why he feels like he is missing out on his family’s life. But art school is a pretty big deal too.
    And can I just say, I love Miss Bates? She totally shut Cameron up.

    • The thing that is really frustrating Brian is the fact that he has never had a problem making friends, and it’s not like he’s doing anything different/wrong. He’s also the type of person that NEEDS friends. He tends to thrive when he has friends, so him being friendless is making him feel kinda… stunted?
      That’s also what’s making him miss his family even more, the fact that he’s lonely. He likes the school, he’s just confused and annoyed at his classmates.
      Heh. I like Kaitlyn too. She’s spunky! And I’ve always like writing the spunky female characters, cuz it’s always fun! Heh.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Hoo boy, that’s a toughie—the whole coming in as a junior instead of a freshman and therefore encountering the issue of everyone already having their own little friend group. Oh and how in the moment he’ll seem to get along really well with others, but then the moment he isn’t there it’s like they “forget” he exists. I think my heart is especially going out to Brian because like Violincat, I also relate all too well to his situation.

    I want to be happy about this invitation then, but the secretive manner in which it was left and the fact that he has some less than stellar guys already out for him makes me very nervous. So nervous that I’m anxious to find out what ends up happening!

    So, on that note, I’d love to see what’s happening with the rest of the family, but at the same time I’m really wondering about this party! In the end though, I think you should write whichever one comes more easily to you. If you feel very inspired to write about the rest of the family, DO THAT and follow your muse, but if you find yourself getting caught up in it to the point where it begins feeling like a chore, perhaps save the update for a later time. Whatever you feel is best! You know I’ll be here to read your updates regardless ^_^

    • Under normal circumstances, Brian has no difficulty making friends, that’s why he’s so baffled with his school situation. He’s also the type of person who needs friends to thrive… or at least, feel like he’s thriving. I can relate to the situation as well, I can be pretty friendly, but I can also be really shy. You’ll have to see what happens with the note/party in the next Brian chapter.

      I was actually thinking about it, and I might actually do the next chapter for Brian, then I’ll probably do the ‘rest of the family’ chapter. I’ll just have to play it by ear, as I’m still kinda on the fence.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Poor Brian! It’s tough starting over in a new school and leaving all your friends behind. It’s even worse when you don’t immediately feel like your being accepted. Couple that with being homesick I can just imagine how bad he feels.
    I like his relationship with his sister and his reaction to her dating. I think she’s right that falling in love isn’t all about fireworks. Those things are nice but it’s the little imperfect moments that make the biggest impact.
    I’m glad that teacher put Cameron in his place. Someone needs to. I just don’t like him and I wonder if he’s the reason why Brian is having such a difficult time making friends.
    I was all excited when he received that party invite then I wondered if this was some sort of setup. I hope not. Can’t wait to find out what’s next.

  4. Ugh Cameron is a freaking pig. I don’t like him at all. I hope he gets in trouble for something. So much so that he’s forced to leave. Him and the goons. But I really hope Brian doesn’t get himself mixed up with anything bad. A party after hours and underage drinking? That just sounds like he’s asking for it. Please be wise Brian. This school is a great opportunity for you, don’t throw it away because you want friends. Friends will always come and go, but you’re education and where you set yourself in life is permanent. Your goals, dreams… They’re your support in life. The back bone to finding a successful career. Press forward, young one.

    I do feel for him though. Being lonely doesn’t feel good at all. It sucks so much. So I do understand that part. But he still needs to be careful about what he does and how he does it. Cameron is on the road of working a dead end jobs making fries and dressing up as a clown. You’ll see Brian successful and rich, and Cameron waxing his car.

    Great job baby! You did awesome 🙂

  5. thier should be more!


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