2.3 Fallen

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With my heart beating in my chest, I opened the door to the student lounge. Inside the room, the party was in full swing. EDM music vibrated through my whole body as I looked around. I hadn’t been to too many unsupervised parties back home due to the tight leash of my parents, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.


Most of the other kids were on the very packed dance floor, grinding their butts and crotches against each other, but there did seem to be a ton of other things to do. There was a makeshift bar behind the dance floor, and Jan Sentry (the girl who sits next to me in my English class) was standing behind it, mixing drinks. To the right was a bunch of lounge chairs where a couple of people thought was the perfect place to make out; and to the left was what appeared to be a blank canvas covered with balloons. When my classmates would throw the darts that were in their hands at the balloons, paint would explode out of the balloon. I guess it’s supposed to be art.


I stood at the entrance like a deer in headlights, not really knowing what to do. I took a couple of steps into the room, when someone shoved me from behind.

“Move, twerp!” Seriously???


“Nice to see you too, Cameron.” I said dryly. Who thought it was a good idea to invite Cameron to a party like this?

“So now we’re letting any loser in?” Cam asked his buddies. “Well that freakin’ sucks balls.”

“Well you would know plenty about sucking balls, wouldn’t you?” I asked. I was getting tired of his crap. It took all my will to not deck him in the face. I stood there staring at him with my fists clenched so tightly that I could feel my nails digging into my palms.


“Why you-“ Cameron began to raise his fist as if he was gonna punch me, when a drunk girl ran over and threw herself at him, almost spilling her drink on his shirt.

“C’mon Cammy, dance with me!” Still staring daggers in my direction, Cameron shoved the girl off with a grunt.

“Not now, Bianca.”

"But Cammy-poo." She begged, moving close to his ear. “If you dance with me I’ll…” Her voice got too low for me to hear, but I could imagine what she was saying because Cameron’s face perked up.


He poked me in the chest as Bianca pulled him to the dance floor. “This isn’t over.”

This isn’t over? What is this, some teen drama? I rolled my eyes, and walked over to the bar.


“Hey…” Jan said. Did she really forget my name? I could have swore that I talked to her plenty of times. She looked at me trying to remember. I thought about giving her a hand, but screw that. “…Brad?”

I fought the urge to roll my eyes. “Yup. That’s my name.”

“So, Brad. What can I get you?”

“I dunno. I’ve never drank before. What do you suggest?” Before she could answer, some guy bummed into me from behind.


“Oop! Sorry.” He leaned against me, using my shoulder as support. His breath smelled like straight up alcohol. “Janny, baby! Gimme an Aunt Roberta!” He then seemed to actually notice me, even though he was still using my shoulder as support. “Hey! It’s… gah! Wait! Don’t tell me.”

“It’s Brad.” Jan piped up. She seemed more annoyed than I was. I still didn’t have the heart to correct her.

“So what’s your fancy, Brad-o?” Strange guy asked me. I tapped my fingers against the counter.

“I’m not sure yet. I’ve never drank before.”

“Never? Dude, you’re not living, man! You gotta let loose, go crazy.”

“I don’t know. I should probably take it slow since it’s my first time.” I said.

“Oh my gosh, dude! Screw takin it slow! Ya gotta stop bein’ so uptight.”


I had never been called uptight before. I almost laughed that he even suggested that I needed to loosen up. Maybe that’s why I didn’t have any friends here. I was taking this school more seriously than anything else in my life. I was surprised at how good my grades were.

Oh my God! Did I turn into my sister? Thinking back on the whole time that I’ve been here, I’ve been a boring nerd. I felt myself cringe at my constant studying and straight up nerdisms.


“Give me whatever he’s having.” I told Jan. She looked shocked for a second, which ticked me off. I didn’t wanna be the antisocial art school reject, so if this is what’s gonna give me an “in”, then there was no way that I wasn’t gonna do it.

“You sure? It’s strong. Maybe you should start off slow.”

“C’mon, Janny!” The dude said. “The guy wants to let loose! Giv’m the drink!” He put his arm over my shoulder and leaned into me. With a sigh, Jan began to make the drink that I asked for.

When she slid the drink across the counter, I didn’t hesitate. I picked up the glass, and I downed it in one shot.


When the liquid hit my throat, it felt like I swallowed fire. But I didn’t want to seem like a wimp, so I continued drinking, clenching my fist to prevent myself from reacting.

“Dude!” The weird guy next to me practically yelled when I slammed the glass down on the counter. “You’ve got some hardcore BALLS! Get this guy another one!”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Jan said, reaching for my glass. Before she could grab it, I snatched it away.

“I want another one.” I really didn’t. But I was done with being a social outcast. If this is what it took, then I was doing it. Jan shrugged, pretty much saying that she wasn’t going to try to control me anymore. Good. She wasn’t my mom, so she couldn’t tell me what to do anyway.

Clumsily put the glass down on the counter for her to give me another drink. As she began to pour, this strange feeling came over me. I stared at the weird liquid as it fell into the glass. As soon as it hit the counter, I scooped it up, and started to drink it.


“Chug! Chug! Chug!” The weird guy beside me chanted. Other voices started joining in. A shudder went up and down my spine when I finished the nasty drink. But I wasn’t about to quit now! “Another!”

I was going to do whatever it took to finally get some friends. What was the worst that could happen?





I woke up the next morning with the worst headache that I’ve ever had. I tried to open my eyes, but the pressure on my eyelids was so overwhelming, that my eyes might have opened only a tiny bit before shutting again. My arms felt like limp noodles, and my feet felt like they were covered in cement that was weighing me down.

I groaned.


“Good morning.” I heard a familiar voice say. I was about to jump up in shock, but my limbs weren’t doing what I wanted them to. I used all the strength that I thought I had to open my eye so that I could see whoever was talking. All I could see was a blur of black, white, and green, and I realized that I didn’t have my glasses.

“How are you feeling?” The person asked me. I knew that they weren’t speaking loudly. But it felt as if they were screaming in my ear. I covered them with both of my hands and groaned again. “My guess is that you feel about the same as you look.”

“Kait?” I asked. I was finally able to recognize my favorite teacher’s voice. But I wasn’t sure why she was even in my room.


“You got it.” I could hear the slight creaking of wood, so I guess she was moving in her seat. “Do you remember anything that happened last night?”

I scratched my head, still totally confused about what was even happening. And where the heck were my glasses?

“Last night?”

“Yes, last night.” She said. While I couldn’t see her face, I could tell that she wasn’t happy with me. “I found you this morning passed out in front of my office. Do you want to explain to me what happened?”

It was then that I remembered the party last night. The music; Cameron being… Well, Cameron; sitting at the bar with that weird guy convincing me to drink whatever it was that I drank. Then… I couldn’t remember. I sat up and put my head in my hands.


“I… I don’t know.” I said. Why couldn’t I remember?

“My guess is that what you’re feeling is a hangover. It sucks, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah. It really does. I am never doing that again.”

“That’s what everyone says.” She chuckled. She moved closer. “Do you want to tell me why you were drinking?”

I was a bit torn. On the one hand, what if last night got really out of control, or someone was seriously hurt? But on the other hand, I didn’t want to be the tattletale. If it got out that I was the one who spilled the beans, then I would forever be known as the party pooper. I gently shook my head.


“Fine.” She said with a sigh. “I probably should tell Mr. Harvey about what happened.” I felt my stomach drop. “But I won’t this time. I know you’re a good kid, Brian. I’m just going to chalk this up to a stupid teenage mistake, and give you a sick pass for today.”

Her heels clicked against the tile floor as she walked over to her desk. Each noise vibrated in my skull. Hangovers suck! When the noise stopped, I finally noticed what I was wearing.


“Uhh… where are my clothes?” The sound of heels on tile started up again as Kait walked closer. I felt my face heat up because I knew for a fact that this was not what I was wearing when I went to the party.

“Unfortunately, when I found you on my doorstep, you were completely naked.” All I could feel was dread. Why the heck was I naked? Why didn’t Kait tell me before? I had so many questions, but zero answers. I stood up, but Kait had to catch my as I lost my balance.


“Will you be okay to get back to your room?” I nodded, even though I wasn’t sure I’d be able to see okay. I knew that I had my stupid contacts back in my room. I just needed to be able to make it to my room.

“I will let your other teachers know that you will be out for the day. If you need anything else, Brian, don’t hesitate to ask. I nodded, and made my way to the door to the hallway.



The rest of the day was… weird. I did make it back to my room safely, and I was able to find my contacts okay (mom and dad are gonna kill me when they find out I lost my glasses). But whenever I passed by someone, I would hear them begin to laugh. I wanted to know what they were laughing about, but I was too hungover, and sick to do anything about it. I spent the whole day between the bed, and the bathroom, praying to God that this crap would end. I don’t think I’ve ever hugged a toilet bowl so much.

Luckily by the next day, I felt a heck of a lot better. Though things still felt a little… weird. When I would pass by other kids, they would either start laughing under their breath, or they would stare at me like I did something weird. I tried to shake it off, but the whole day I felt people’s eyes on me.



At the end of the following day, my math teacher told me that Headmaster Harvey wanted to see me in his office. When I got there, I knocked on the door and waited until I heard him say that I could come in.


“Mom? Dad?” I was shocked to see my parents sitting across from Mr. Harvey. My parents looked as confused as I felt, but Harvey pointed to a chair near my mom and told me to sit down.

“Here at LeFromage, we take pride in our school, teachers, and our students. Thus far, your son has been an outstanding individual. His grades have been impeccable, and his attendance extraordinary.” Both my mom and dad looked at me with pride, and my mom grabbed my dad’s hand, squeezing it gently.


“That’s great to hear.” My dad said. “But is that why you called us here? It seems rather pointless to travel all this way just to hear about how great he was doing.”

Mr. Harvey shifted uncomfortably in his seat. “I wish it was that way. But I’ve actually called you here to discuss Brian’s future at LeFromage.”

“What do you mean?” Mom asked him. “I thought you said he was doing great.”

“Perhaps it is better that I show you.” Harvey grabbed the edges of his computer screen, and rotated it so that we could all see.


All three of our jaws dropped when we saw what was on the screen. It was a picture of me, standing on a table butt naked, some type of bottle in hand. My face began to heat up as I saw the look of horror on my parents’ faces.

“This has been circulating through the student and faculty forums for the past couple of days. It is a clear image of your son violating multiple rules that we have set here.” Hot tears burned in my eyes as he went down the list of rules I’d broken. I knew that both of my parents had to be angry. But especially my dad. I could only imagine the talk that we would have later. All of the previous pride on his face, completely gone. I had wanted him to be proud to call me his son, but I wouldn’t be able to look him in the eyes after this.


“Unfortunately, due to the list of rules that he violated, I have no other option but to expel him from LeFromage.”

“You what?” My dad asked. His already pale knuckles turned white due to him gripping the chair.

“Here at LeFromage, we value hard work and talent. But there are rules that need to be followed. If proper action is not put into place, then we could lose funding.”

“So because of one stupid mistake, you’re just gonna kick him out?” My dad began to slowly raise his voice. My mom put her hand on his arm, reminding him to reel his temper in.

“I apologize, but my hands are tied. The only thing that I can do for Brian now is help in any way that I can so that he can finish out his junior year somewhere else.”


My dad stood up. “Get your things, Brian.” He grit his teeth, and extended his hand to the headmaster. “Thank you for giving my son this opportunity.” Then, he walked out.


When mom and I walked out of the office, my dad was nowhere to be found.

“You’re father is probably waiting in the car.” Mom said. I looked at her, and I could see the disappointment in her eyes.


“He hates me.” I said.

“He doesn’t hate you Brian. Are we disappointed? Yes. But your dad loves you so much. I think your father is more angry about the fact that even though you were an excellent student, they won’t give you a second chance.”


She gave me a hug. “Go pack up your stuff, I’ll go help your father cool off.” She kissed me on the forehead, and walked outside.



I knocked on the office door, hoping that she hadn’t left for home yet.

“Come in.” Her voice filtered through the cracks of the door. I opened the door to find Kait sitting at her desk. “Oh, Brian. I wasn’t expecting you.”


“I’m guessing you heard about what happened?” I asked. She nodded, seeming slightly preoccupied. “Well, I just wanted to thank you for not ratting me out. And I wanted to thank you for being an awesome teacher.”

She stood up from her seat, and extended her arms to hug me. “I wish you the best, Brian. I’m sorry that your time here had to end this way.”

“I’ll survive.” I said, even though at this point, I felt like there was no way I’d be able to go anywhere with my music. As I hugged her, I couldn’t help but notice the website she was on. “What’s that?”


(A/N: Please excuse my crap editing.)

“Oh, this? It’s nothing really. I’m just trying to find my birth family.”

“You’re adopted?”

“Yeah. I was adopted when I was three. I never really thought about finding my birth parents until a couple of months ago, when my husband suggested it. Unfortunately I’m not having any luck finding anything about closed adoptions in Riverview.”


“Well maybe I can help!” I said. “My family knows some people in Riverview. Also my brother’s best friend is training to be a cop, and my dad has a lot of connections with famous people in Bridgeport. So we could probably help!”

She thought about it for a minute. “Alright. But I would personally need to clear it with your parents. I want to make sure that they are okay with this.” She wrote down a number on a sheet of paper, and handed it to me. “Give this to your dad, and have him call me. I don’t think it would be appropriate for a teenager to be spending alone time with his middle aged teacher.”


I grabbed the paper and put it in my pocket. I thought about what she meant, and I almost laughed. Sure, my teacher was definitely hot, but there was no way I’d do something like that. Kait held out her hand for me to shake.

“I wish you the best in wherever life takes you. I know you’ll do great with whatever you decide to pursue.”



After the bellboy dudes loaded my stuff into our car, I climbed into the front passenger seat. My dad looked less angry, but I knew that he still wasn’t happy with me. But what could I expect? I was the Lee family screw up. I just hoped that I could make it up to them when we got back home.

Home. I was actually very excited to see it again. I couldn’t wait to see my old friends, Vissa, and Skylar. I also couldn’t wait to see Lance again, not that I would tell him that.


I turned my head to look back at LeFromage. I probably should have felt disappointed that I was booted, but I surprisingly felt okay. Screw the dumb school. The other kids there sucked anyway.

I buckled my seatbelt as we pulled onto the road, and prepared for the worst lecture of my life.

2.2 Cool Kids

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The title of this chapter comes from the song obviously titled Cool Kids by Echosmith. I think it fits the theme of this chapter quite well, lemme know what you think! I wanted to add the video to the post, but it wasn’t working for some reason, so you’ll just have to survive with the link.

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The first day of class was mostly like a normal day of school. At least until after lunch. That was when the ‘interesting’ classes started.

I walked slowly into my next classroom. On the board in big letters were the words ‘History of Rock & Roll’. Finally! A class that I might be pretty good at. When it comes to any other subject, I suck at it. But even I’ll admit that I’m pretty smart when it comes to music.


“Move, twerp.” I heard someone say behind me. Before I could do anything, somebody rammed into my shoulder. Hard!

I didn’t even have to look at the person to know who bumped me. As Cameron shoved past me, he looked at me like I was an ant.

Ever since I told him off for calling my mom disgusting, Cameron has made it his life mission to mess with me. I think he’s trying to break me, but I’m not gonna give him the satisfaction.


“Sorry Cam.” I said, Rubbing my shoulder. “I didn’t know you were fat enough to need to take up this whole doorway.” I forced a smile on my face, even though I really just wanted to have my fist have a very nice talk with his face.

Kill ‘em with kindness and all that.

“Whatever, loser.” He said. His friends started to laugh – at him or me, I didn’t know – until he gave them the same look that he gave me a second ago. ‘Shut up, or I’ll kill you’.

"So you signed up for the easy class?" Cameron asked. "What, not smart enough to go to a class where you need actual talent?"

"Says the guy who is standing in this classroom, holding books with the same title as the name of the class."


"Nah, man. I’m just here cuz I heard the teacher is mega hot! She’s like, the only bangable teacher at this crap-joint. I also heard that it’s pretty easy to get ‘extra credit’” Cam said with a smile that made my skin crawl, as he started thrusting his crotch forward, holding an imaginary girl in front of him.

“Pig.” One of the girls said as she passed by, and smacked Cameron on the arm.

“The teacher’s coming.” Another one said. I shot one last look at Cameron, and rushed to find an open seat.

As I slid into a seat near the front, I breathed a sigh of relief. If this was the only class that I could get good grades in, then I was going to try my freakin’ hardest to make a good impression. I didn’t want to look like I was wasting my time when the teacher walked in.


Her heels clicked on the tiles in a weird rhythm. It reminded me of a bass drum, keeping the tempo for the rest of the instruments to play together. I looked down at my lap, fighting the urge to use my pencils as drumsticks; tapping them loudly against my desk. I’d already brought enough attention to myself when I talked back to Cameron, I didn’t want people having a bigger reason to think that I’m crazy.

When the tapping stopped, I looked up.


Cameron is a lot of things, but he’s not a liar. At least, about the teacher’s… attractiveness.

When the teacher turned around, she gave us a big smile. She was a lot younger than I thought she was going to be. There was no way she was as old as my dad.


“Good afternoon, class.” She said. “Welcome to ‘History of Rock & Roll’. I know that a lot of you probably only signed up because you thought it’d be an easy grade.

While I can’t say that it’s not true, I want to encourage you to think of this more than that. You can learn so much about the histories of the greatest artists of their time. From Kurt Cobain, to Elvis Presley; Jimi Hendrix to U2, your time in this class can show you – provided that you let it – that these “famous” musicians were just ordinary people like you.”


“Now, as this is your first day, I want you guys to feel comfortable. My name is Kaitlyn Bates, you can call me Kaitlyn, or Kait. Or, if it’ll make you more comfortable, you could call me Mrs. Bates.” Some of the other kids laughed, probably thinking about that ‘Bates Motel’ show. I heard a desk squeak behind me, like someone was leaning their chair over.

“What about ‘Master’ Bates.” Cameron tried to whisper to one of his friends. He started to laugh, not thinking about how it doesn’t count as a whisper unless you ACTUALLY WHISPER IT!

Kaitlyn started to walk slowly toward his desk, her heels clicking again on the tile. Cameron was focusing so much on how funny (read: gross) his joke was, that he didn’t notice what Kaitlyn was doing until she was standing right in front of him.


“You seem to know a lot about that, don’t you Mr. Zheng?” Kaitlyn asked him. “Since it doesn’t seem like you’ll be getting any ‘extra credit’ any time soon.” With that, she turned around, and walked confidently to the front of the room. Cameron’s face was frozen with his jaw dropped down to his knees. It was weird that someone besides me got Cam to finally shut up.

Best. Teacher. Ever!


Starting at LeFromage as a junior instead of as a freshman left me in a weird spot. All of the ‘groups of friends’ had already been set up. While I normally have no problem making friends, it didn’t seem like anyone was waiting with open arms for me to just shove my way in.


The teachers were cool though, and the ‘normal class’ teachers actually took the time to try to help me understand all of the stupid, complicated stuff.


I found myself spending a lot of time in the music room, practicing and learning new songs on the different instruments. I also, surprisingly, spent a lot of time in my dorm room studying. Oh lord, I’m turning into my sister. But when your social life is going down the toilet…


Speaking of my sister, I spent any chance that I could talking over Skype with my family back home. I didn’t tell them anything about my problems, because I didn’t want them worrying. I knew my mom would want to jump to my rescue at the first sign of trouble. I just didn’t want to be the lame kid who had ‘mommy and daddy come to his wittle wescue’.


“So are you the belle of the ball yet?” Vissa asked me. She’d just gotten home after softball practice, so I bugged her until she finally got on her computer. It was the best time for us to talk, since most of my other classmates were usually out doing something that they never invited me to. So I was able to say whatever I wanted without worrying about being harassed.


“Oh yeah.” I joked. “I’m like, the most popular guy in school. All of the ladies want me. I’ve actually gotten to the point of needing to create a waiting list for dates!”

Vissa laughed as I kept joking about my ‘popularity’. She started to update me on how everyone was doing at home. How Skylar was already sitting up by himself, and how his eyes had changed from their birth color to the lavender that he got from dad. It was cool to hear about everything that was happening, but it made my heart hurt to be missing out. Especially since my life kinda sucked right now.


Vissa turned her head as someone called her name. I couldn’t hear what the person was saying, but Vissa nodded and motioned for them to come over.

“Hey Bri!” Sebastian said as his head popped onto the screen. He gave me a big smile and waved. “Taking time out of your lady wooing schedule to talk with us?”

“Sure!” I said with a chuckle. “I told them all to take a number.” With all of the jokes, I was starting to wonder if they actually thought I was some womanizer.


“You show ‘em who’s boss.” He said with a wink. “So Bri, you mind if I steal your lovely sister from you? I have a very romantic evening that sort of requires her presence.” I guess I’d forgotten to mention that Seb and Vissa got together. He told her a couple of months ago that he liked her a lot, and wanted to take her out on a date. Vissa said that it was very romantic, which brought me to gag city. But if she’s happy, then I’m good.

“Have at it. I’m not going to stop the romance from flowing.” I said with a smile. But inside, I was desperately begging them not to leave.

“Thanks, Bri. I’ll see you in the living room, honey.” He kissed her on the forehead, and then left.


“So how’s paradise?” I asked her when he was gone.

Vissa sighed happily before responding. “He’s great. He’s so sweet; and thoughtful; and romantic. It’s so weird though. Things haven’t changed too much, but they feel different. It’s hard to explain.”

“Did you have one of those ‘firework’ passionate moments when you guys kissed?”

“Holy crap, our first kiss was the worst!” She said with a laugh. I raised an eyebrow at her, hoping she’d spill the details.

“Neither of us have ever been kissed, so when we tried, we rammed foreheads at first. Then he opened his mouth too big, practically swallowing my face.” I started to laugh so hard that I snorted, which I never do.

“Then when we finally felt like we got it right, I decided that it was a good idea to just jam my tongue in there! He almost gagged!” She covered her face in embarrassment and groaned. “We both eventually got so embarrassed that I started crying. Sebastian had to console me with a bowl of ice cream, and a Jackie Chan movie.”


“That sounds terrible.” I said as my laughter subsided.

“At the time, it was. But thinking about it now, I’d rather have that than some cliché fireworks and romantic explosions.” When I asked her why, she beamed. “Because then it wouldn’t be us. We did eventually get it right, but it’s the weird, imperfect moments make me love Seb even more.” She looked at me like she just realized something huge.

“You love him?” I asked. She nodded slowly, probably thinking it over.


“Yeah.” She smiled. “I do.

“Even without the whirlwind romance, or the fireworks?”

“Yeah.” She repeated. “I love Sebastian. Even though it’s only been a few months, it just feels right. Love isn’t always fireworks and explosions. Sometimes love is that moment that your comfortable just being with someone. Watching a movie, or playing a game, or just talking. I mean, look at mom and dad. Dad isn’t rescuing mom from any evil villains, but he’s still her hero.”

I probably looked confused, because she shook her head, and sighed. “I’m probably not explaining it right.”


“Yeah, you’re kinda making love sound boring.” I said.

“I know.” She said. “But it’s not something that you can ‘get’ unless you’re in love. I’m telling you, you’ll understand when you meet the right person.”

“And in the mean time, I’m going to hope for an exciting whirlwind romance, with fireworks sounding the second our lips touch.”


“I’m not saying that doesn’t happen.” She said, sounding a little bit frustrated. “I’m just saying that-“

She paused as someone called her name. “Yeah! I’m coming! Just give me a minute!” She looked at me again. “I really have to go. We can talk about it later, okay?”

I nodded, not really wanting her to leave. With a smile, and a wave she logged off. I stared at the screen as a sinking feeling started in my chest.


I missed my parents, I missed not being there as Skylar grew every single day, I missed my old friends. Heck, I even missed Vissa’s constant jabs and the feeling that I don’t reach Lance’s level on the ‘perfect son’ meter.


As I leaned back on my chair, my heart felt heavy, and one thought crossed my mind.

I want to go home.



I HATE THIS SCHOOL!!! There. I said it! Problem?

Okay, I’m going to correct myself. I don’t hate the school itself. I was actually getting better grades here than I was back at home, and I’ve learned so much stuff about music, and art. Back home, dad tried to see if any of us inherited his artistic talent. None of us seemed to have that ‘niche’ (Take that, Lance. I can use smart people words, too.). But since art is sort of required here, I’ve gotten pretty good with a brush. I couldn’t wait to show dad all that I’d learned.


Cameron and his sidekicks seem to keep trying to make my life as miserable as possible. But really, that isn’t the thing that’s bothering me. It sucks, but I can handle a couple of idiotic goons. It’s everyone else that is driving me insane.

I’ve always been able to make friends super fast wherever I go. At my old school back in Bridgeport, I always had at least a few friends. If I didn’t have any, I quickly made some.


I’ve been doing the same thing here, talking to people; finding things in common; buddying up. We’re in a freakin’ art school. I have more in common with the people here than I did with anyone else. But even though they are super friendly to me, and we have long conversations, nobody comes and talks to me. I don’t get invited anywhere. It’s like they forget I exist right after I leave. I hate this feeling of loneliness. It’s driving me crazy!


It was one of those days that I was feeling really lonely that I found it. As I was coming back from class, I saw a piece of paper laying on my pillow. I picked it up, and squinted my eyes at the scribbled handwriting.

‘Party in student lounge tonight after lights out. Be there. B.Y.O.B.’

I wondered who left this here. It wouldn’t be Cameron, unless it was a trap, and they were planning on embarrassing me. But even if it was, I could handle it. Who knows, maybe this was a legit invite, and someone actually thought I was cool enough to invite to a party. Maybe my luck was turning around.


I let myself fall on the bed, as a small smile forced its way on my face. Maybe this school wouldn’t be so bad after all.


A/N: Thanks for reading guys! I’m kinda fighting the urge to explain how it came out so different, and why. But I really don’t wanna spoil anything, (even if it is just a small detail, semi-unimportant detail >.>). If you have any questions, though, feel free to comment and ask, and I’ll answer as best as I can. XD

I’m actually planning on not having he next chapter be a Brian chapter, as we haven’t actually seen what’s happening with Lance and Vissa (and the rest of the family) while Brian has been at school, so I’m thinking of doing a special featuring scenes of their lives without Brian. Whaddya think?

As usual, likes and comments are much appreciated! Thanks for reading!

Sunshine Blogger Award!!! Yay!

So, some of you might be wondering what’s up with me, and why I’ve abandoned Brian.

I haven’t… I’ve just been super into writing for my ‘Against The Clock Challenge’ story titled ‘Fading Quickly’. If you haven’t read it, or checked it out, and are interested in either what Fading Quickly might be about, or maybe even wondering what an Against The Clock challenge is (I made it myself, so I’m pretty proud of it.), then click on the banner below:

Another thing that has happened to me that puts a bit of a damper on my writing is that I was laid off from my job about 2-3 weeks ago… Which sucks, but I didn’t really like that job much anyway… XD However, a lot of time is spent looking for a new job, as well as spending a lot of it twiddling my thumbs… So, yeah! It’s been kinda difficult…

But on to the thing that you are actually here for!!!

I was nominated by the awesome Dandylion240 on her Bring Me Back To Life blog. It’s an Against The Clock challenge as well, and it’s definitely worth the read! I’m not just saying that because it’s my challenge. Dandylion does an amazing job at taking the challenge part of the story, and giving it an awesome spin! CHECK IT OUT IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY!!! *Flails*

What is the Sunshine Blogger Award?

Well, it is of course an award for bloggers from other bloggers. It is a beautiful way to share all the amazing things other bloggers do and write about. To recognize their efforts in inspiring others to do what they love.

The Rules:

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My nominations:

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The Edith Prescott Mystery Series

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My Questions:

1. Who has been you favorite character to write as/favorite character in general?

2. Do you prefer reading story-driven blogs, or commentary/silly blogs? Why?

3. If you had to live the life of one of your characters, who would it be?

4. What is a skill that you excel at? (It could be anywhere from pogo-sticking to giving advice, to rolling your tongue, to just listening to people. Anything really.)

5. Which of your characters would you least want to live the life of?

6. If you had to do something over in order to make a different decision, what would it be?

7. What made you want to blog for sims specifically?

8. Do your family/close friends know about your blog?

9. If you could make your sim blogging into a career, would you?

10. What’s your favorite genre of music?

11. What type of sim is your favorite to make?

(Jeez! Coming up with questions was hard!)

Answers to Dandylion’s questions:

1. What’s your favorite color?

I actually don’t have a favorite color. For years it was purple, but then one day, I just woke up and was like “Meh, I don’t have a favorite color. I think all colors are beautiful!” Except I will say that there are certain shades of orange that I find ugly.

2. Do you like to travel?

Being in different places, yes. The actual travelling to get there? No! I don’t even like driving! I just do it because I have to.

3. If you could go anywhere, where would it be?

England! I’ve always wanted to go there. I’ve actually wanted to go on one of those package vacations where you stay in England for a certain time, and then you go to another place (like Italy) and stay there for a bit, and then you go somewhere else (like Scotland or something). I think that’d be fun!

4. How long  have been playing the sims?

Let’s see… I originally got into sims because my older sister had broken up with her boyfriend, and wanted to throw away everything he’d gotten her, including the sims 2 for Gamecube… I convinced her to give it to me instead. I was about 13-14 at the time. I’m 23 now, so about 9-10 years. Jeez… I never thought about how long I’ve been playing… XD

5. What motivated you to start writing?

I had always written short stories when I was younger. For instance, a requirement in my high school years was that we were supposed to write a 5 page composition, and I’d always write some weird, cheesy story. But it wasn’t until I was halfway through Tech school studying drafting that I realized that I loved writing. I still finished school and got my Associate’s degree, but I still dream of being a published author.

6. If you could meet anyone in from the past, who would it be?

I would want to meet Gideon from the bible. I know that might sound weird for people who don’t believe that the bible actually happened… But I do, and Gideon was always one of my favorite bible heroes, so I’d pick him.

7. What’s your favorite song?

That’s a tricky question, seeing as there are so many good songs to choose from, and I always have a hard time choosing my favorite ANYTHING (ask my wife, she’ll tell ya!)

8. Day or Night?

I is night owl!

9. Do you plan out every detail of the stories you write or do you just let the story take you to unexpected places?

I lean more toward the planning side of things.

10. Do  you like to write first or third person?

I like both. If there is more than one important character in the story that I have to get their perspective, then I prefer 3rd. But I like 1st too.

11. If  you could do anything right now, what would it be?

ANYTHING??? Holy smokes… That’s such a broad question. Uhh… Travel to England; Go to a Newsboys concert; Finish a book and get it published and have it become a best seller; Meet Wayne Thomas Batson (my favorite author). Hmm… So many things… Too many things…

Thanks again for the nomination Dandy! It means a ton!!! 🙂

2.1 Changes

A/N: Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since I posted anything… I’ve just been feeling kinda unmotivated lately, but I had this chapter written for a while, so I just decided to force myself to take all of the pictures. I’m not really happy with how it came out (both writing, and picture-wise), but I spent a bit of time trying to figure out how to change it… To no avail. I hope you enjoy regardless. Let me know what you think.

Oh! By the way, I’m going to try (for this generation) to have all of the chapters titled after a song (since Brian is a music buff). It’s harder than I thought… After hours of being frustrated about not finding a song that represented this chapter enough… I finally decided to title it after ‘Changes’ by David Bowie (click the song title to hear the song). It’s not exactly what I would have liked. But it’ll do.

Enjoy! (Hopefully…)



I slammed the trunk of the car closed after my dad put the last of my bags in the car. He rubbed his eyes, slightly annoyed because Vissa and I had gotten into an argument. It wasn’t my fault though! She was the one who thought it was okay to pretty much throw my bass case into the back seat. I’m not normally very picky when it comes to taking care of things, but if you aren’t careful when handling instruments, you could be in big trouble.


She apologized, but didn’t really seem to care, telling me to relax. Miss uptight and perfect, telling ME to relax?

The fight ended when Lance put himself in between the two of us, and told us to stop. I rolled my eyes, and turned away to walk to the car.

“Sure, Golden Boy.”




After what felt like a million hours (but it was only about 5), my family and I finally arrived at LeFromage. My dad and Lance began to take stuff out of the car, and this time I made sure that Lance was careful with my bass.


Vissa, my mom, and I started to walk toward the front door, all of us staring at how HUGE the place was.


Before they even got to the front steps, the doors opened, and a random older guy walked confidently over to our car.

“Welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Lee to LeFromage Art School.” The way he said the name of the school, it made both Vissa and I chuckle. It was like he switched accents from American to French just so that he could say the word. A stare from our parents and Lance shut us up pretty quick, though.

“I am Headmaster Levi Harvey. We are delighted that you could be here with us today.” Harvey forced a big smile on his face, and you could tell that he didn’t really want to be here right now. I hoped that this wouldn’t be like the movies, where the headmaster was a saint in front of the parents, but once it was only them and the kids, they turn into Ms. Trunchbull.


“And this must be Brian.” He walked over to me and said. Well duh! I thought. Is there another 15 year old man in this family? I fought the urge to roll my eyes, knowing that I’d end up getting a lecture about how I shouldn’t have a big mouth. Instead, I put my hand out.

“Yep! That’s me. Nice to meet you.” Mr. Harvey nodded happily. I guess kids with good manners isn’t a normal thing.

“It is a delight to meet such a well mannered young man.” He looked at mom and dad, totally trying to be a suck up. I looked at my twin sister, and she stuck her finger in her mouth in disgust. I stuck my tongue out at her. Hey, she isn’t the only one who can get complimented.


“Now, if you would all follow me, I’ll take you on the official tour.” He did one of those military turns, and started to walk back to the front door. “Don’t worry about your bags. Someone can come get them.” Suddenly, a couple of people that were dressed in what looked like bellboy uniforms came and started unpacking our car. Dad looked a little nervous at so many people going through the stuff in our car, but I thought it was pretty cool!



LeFromage was just as amazeballs inside as it was outside! They had whole sections just dedicated to specific kinds of art. Harvey said that they’d recently had an expansion put in, just so that they could finally add in a studio for sculptors. Sure, the dorms weren’t huge, but there was enough room for the kids to be at least a little comfy.

When we got back down to the main lobby area, Mr. Harvey called for mom and dad to meet in his office to fill out some forms. They told Lance, Vissa and I that we could explore the grounds if we wanted to.


When they left, I looked at my siblings. “So, what do you think?”

“It looks amazing!” Lance said. But his face didn’t really match his words. Vissa looked stuck in between being extremely happy, and really bummed.


“No buts.” Lance said. “We’re just really going to miss you.”

“I’m sure you guys will survive without me.”


“But it’s two years.” Vissa said sadly. “Who am I going to blame things on?” She playfully punched my chest, and her and Lance laughed while I just rolled my eyes.

“But in all seriousness.” She said when they stopped laughing. “The three of us have never been apart from each other for so long. I know we can still talk, and we’ll see each other on the holidays. It’s just not going to be the same.” She started choking up a little, and I saw some tears in her eyes. I looked over at Lance, and he looked like he was going to start crying too.

I wasn’t expecting that. No, I didn’t think they were going to have a party with me being gone, I just thought they wouldn’t really care either way. That’s when it all hit me. We wouldn’t be able to hang out for a while. They would be at home, and I would be in this strange place. I almost didn’t want to go anymore.


“You guys… I-“ The door to the headmaster’s office flew open, and my dad ran out. He threw the car keys at Lance, who was able to catch them a second before they hit him in the face.

“Lance, get the car. NOW!” He said. He turned around to run back to the office.

“What’s going on?” Lance asked.


“Your mother’s in labor.” He shouted. “We need to get to the hospital, now!”





Lance, Vissa and I were sitting in the waiting room of the hospital. Headmaster Harvey had stayed with us a while, but at around 12 am, he decided it was probably a good idea to head back to school. Classes didn’t start for me for a couple of days, so I had some extra time to stay and wait for the birth of my baby sibling. It was now 3 am, and all of us sat in the uncomfortable seats without saying a word.

“Hey Bri.” Lance said after a while. His voice made me jump, because it had been ‘library’ silent before.



“Sorry about getting all emotional before.” He leaned forward in his chair, making it creak louder than an old floorboard. “We are happy that you get to go to a place like LeFromage, we’re just going to miss you. I don’t want you to think that we don’t want you going.”

“How did you know?”


“Oh please,” Vissa said. “You’re one of the most transparent people I’ve ever met. We could see the second that we talked about how it wasn’t going to be the same that you wanted to jump ship.” She stood up, and walked over to stand behind my chair. She leaned forward and hugged me from behind.

“We are definitely going to miss you, but I refuse to be the reason that you missed out. So whether you’re scared or not, you’re going.”  I really hated it when she bossed me around. I looked at Lance, and begged him with my eyes to help me escape from the hug. He stood up, but instead of getting Vissa off of me, he hugged me from the other side.


“Just make sure you come back after you graduate.” He said. They were both hugging me tightly, making us this weird sibling sandwich. It was nice, but I really wanted it to end soon because all I can feel are VISSA’S BOOBS ON MY BACK! OH MY GOD I DON’T WANT TO FEEL THAT RIGHT NOW.

Before I could say anything, dad walked out into the lobby. Viss noticed him first, and let me go. I took a deep breath, relieved to not feel her chest up against me. We all stared at him, waiting for him to tell us how mom and the baby were.

“Hey.” He said, like we didn’t just spend hours waiting for mom to push a baby out of her privates. ”Would you guys like to meet your brother?”

HECK yeah!




Skylar Frederick Lee was the name they chose for my new baby brother. As he slept in my dad’s arms, Vissa asked mom where the name came from.

Well, we just kind of liked the name Skylar,” she chuckled. “But Frederick was actually my dad’s name. He died when you guys were two, and he meant a lot to me. And since Brian is named after your grandmother, we decided to give Skylar my dad’s name.” Wait, what?


“What do you mean I’m named after my grandma?” I asked. This was the first time I’ve ever heard that.

“We never told you?” Dad asked. “You’re named after my mom. Brianna Kelly. She passed away before any of you kids were born.” Well that was… weird.

“What happened to her?” I asked.


“It’s uhh…” My dad said nervously. “It’s a long story. There are some things that your mother and I went through that we’ve never told you kids. We felt that it was best for you guys not to know. But I will let you know that I didn’t have the easiest childhood.”


Way to make a weird moment even weirder. Dad always seemed like he had a pretty boring life. He’s always been a pretty nice, happy guy (except for the huge amount of cheesiness that he usually shares with the world) so I always pictured him growing up in some lame suburban house on a hill. I started to wonder how bad the things were that my mom and dad went through. It couldn’t have been that bad, right?



When I got back to the school the sun was rising. Headmaster Harvey had told me that I could take a few days to stay with my family in the hospital before I actually come to go to classes, but I didn’t really feel like staying in a hospital, so I had Lance and Vissa drop me off.

I crashed into the boys’ dorm, and threw myself on an open bunk. But while I closed my eyes to sleep, I heard the other guys start to get up.


“Did you hear what happened yesterday?” I heard one of the guys ask.

“Yeah, dude!” Another one said. “I heard that some old lady’s water broke in Harvey’s office.” My eyes shot open when it clicked on who they were talking about.

“I heard it was some 60 year old decrepit hag.”

“I heard that her baby juice got everywhere.” Most of the guys groaned when he said that.

“That’s freaking disgusting.” The first guy said. “Old people should keep their disgusting crap in their pants. I would NOT want to be her kid.” I couldn’t take it anymore. I jumped out of bed with a loud thud, and faced the guys who were criticizing my mom.


“Hey!” I shouted. “That’s my mom that you’re talking about. She’s not some decrepit hag, and it’s not like she could control when her water broke. Who freaking cares how old she is? If her and my dad want to have another kid, then they should be able to do whatever they want without some idiot acting like they’re diseased.” I was beyond ticked off.

At this point though, I hadn’t had any sleep except for maybe closing my eyes on a hospital chair, so I know that I was moodier than normal. Should I have called them idiots? Probably not. But I also knew how much it meant to my mom that she could have another kid.

She’d told us when she first got pregnant that she had been in a pretty bad accident after she had us, and it made it almost impossible to have any more kids. Hearing that gave me a whole ton of respect for my mom, so I wasn’t going to let some loser who didn’t know everything just badmouth her like that.


“What did you call me?” He asked. I balled my fists.

“You heard me.” The guys standing around him looked at me like I was telling them that bananas were purple. The big guy in the middle stared at me, but I was not going to back down. Sure, if he tried he could probably kick my butt. But I didn’t care.

“Whatever, loser.” He said with a shrug. He turned to leave the room, and the other guys followed him out.


When they were gone, I tossed myself back onto my bed with a groan. What just happened played over in my head, and it finally clicked what I might have done. Was I going to let that moron bother me? No. I had better things to do. But before I drifted off to sleep, I wondered if I had just accidentally put a big target on my own back.


Thanks for reading! As usual, feedback is appreciated! 🙂

Apologies, Explanations, and New Challenge Advertisement Thing!

First and foremost, let me say that this is NOT me giving up on the Lees… I’m just letting you know that I probably will NEVER rapidfire-post. And I’m trying to be okay with that. I frequently struggle with writers block, and then discouragement, and then wanting to quit writing forever. Granted, I’m never going to actually do that… But I get discouraged easily… I do hope you guys stick around… 😦

Another thing is that I have a SIMBLR, where I occasionally post gameplay pics, and I also have a story over there! It’s Called Fading Quickly (Insert Picture Montage)


tumblr_inline_ng1jyxuU6F1skvmne tumblr_inline_nikb27och21skvmne

tumblr_inline_nlqzp0OHDn1skvmne_500 tumblr_inline_nlsoxq9AK21skvmne_500


And technically it’s not a normal legacy. I call it an ‘Against The Clock‘ challenge. It’s a whole twist on a legacy challenge where your family is cursed, and each generation has to complete certain goals. It’s pretty fun, but the thing is, because of my posting speed (or lack thereof) I haven’t been able to test it all that much.

That’s where you come in!!!

Would anyone be able to try it out? And give me feedback on certain things? I do have a couple of other people who are trying it out aside from myself, but I figured the more the merrier. Plus it’d be easier to work out any kinks. Any takers?



Two Pointless Notes

Hey guys! So, this is a completely random post about 2 random things that do concern the Lee Legacy.

1. I don’t know if anyone caught onto this in Conrad’s 6th and 7th chapters (which I’m actually surprised that I even got that far), but there was ultimately a reason that Conrad gave his son the name Brian Kelly Lee. In chapter 6, he claims that both the names Brian, and Kelly are very special to him, and if you look at chapter 7, Marshal’s parents are named Archer Weaver, and BRIANNA KELLY, so yeah. Conrad’s mom meant so much to him that he wanted to name one of his children after her. And since this is a patriarchy, I figured why not give the second generation heir the male variation of her name, and I left the middle name as Kelly because I’m a lazy, cruel person.

I just wanted to make a note of it because it was a small (but rather significant (?)) detail that I couldn’t seem to fit anywhere in the chapter.

2. I usually suck really bad at building things. Like… seriously, for someone who studied architectural drafting, it’s pitiful my sim building skills. But even I have to admit that I didn’t do too bad with the courtroom that I used in chapter 8. It’s not a full blown courthouse or anything, but would anyone want me to put it up for download somewhere? It could be pretty good for some scene set up for stories and stuff. And it doesn’t have any CC aside from Ep and Sp things. 

Just let me know. 🙂

Nate Is A Beluga Whale! (And He knows It!)

You’re probably wondering what the crap the title even means. You’re probably also wondering why this is a text post, and not an actual chapter.

Well, the reason I called myself a beluga whale, is because I don’t like using foul language, and this was the only insult I could think of at the current moment that wasn’t containing bad words. Anyway!!!

I just want to say I AM SO SORRY, GUYS!!! I’ve left you hanging, and I feel so guilty about that. The thing is, is that when I was living at my parents house, I had relatively only 1 day a week to go on the family PC and work on sims stuff. And since I have a total of 3 sims story type things (my legacy and ISBI on here, and my other story on tumblr), I had to be very choosy on what I could work on.

Emphasis on the word WAS… Because I have moved out into an apartment of my own about 3 weeks ago, and I now have an alienware gaming computer to play sims… So, I should have more time to post, right? WRONG!!!

When I moved stuff onto a flashdrive to move to my new PC, I moved the saves, the savedsims,and… I think that’s it. I wanted to start fresh, and I didn’t think “Hey! Why don’t I bring my poses too, so that I don’t have to look for them all over again!”

“But Nate,” you say, “you could just as easily take your flashdrive back to your parents house and move the poses over.” WRONG again. I’ve been trying, but every time I decide I’ll head over, we are met with a huge snow storm, so it’s wiser for me to wait until the weather clears up so I can get them. Or something else comes up that I can’t get them.

I’ve been trying to take pictures in the meantime, but finding poses takes forever, and EA animations can only go so far. Plus I keep ever so stupidly agreeing to enter Bachelor/ette challenges on tumblr, and those things always have a deadline that must be met so the person can start.

I know this all feels like a pathetic bunch of excuses… But it’s true… I do have all of chapter 8 written (and most of chapter 9), and partially pictured, but without my poses, it’s super slow going. But I’ve been trying. (But it’s a long chapter)

I will try to get a chapter out as soon as I can. I feel so guilty, and being stuck in generation 1 for over 3 years actually makes me angry with myself. So please, if you can find it in your hearts to forgive me, I will get a chapter out as soon as I possibly can.

I’m sorry again… 😦


2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,600 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 43 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Hello? *Taps microphone* Anyone there?

Hi guys! So… Yeah. I disappeared… For no real reason… I mean… Yeah, I started a new job recently, and I have been planning a wedding… But I could have written something in all that time. I just… Didn’t. But I am currently almost done writing the chapter, and I am taking pics for it too! So hopefully sometime in the near future I will be able to post a new chapter! I did sort of leave you guys on a bad cliff hanger (Sorry! XD) so I will soon have something for you to read (I hope)… I mean… If there is anyone still here… It seems alot of simmers have disappeared…



Random Post That Has Nothing To Do With The Legacy!

So I realize that this really has nothing to do with my legacy, and y’all might be tired of Jax and I flaunting our relationship over the internet. But I figured that since the internet was where our relationship pretty much started, that it would be nice to mention that today was our first year anniversary, and I figured today would be a good time to give her this:

(Ignore my guitar hero pajama pants) Yes people, that is an engagement ring! We’re engaged! Yay! Let the squealing, awwing, and barfing COMMENCE!