Apologies, Explanations, and New Challenge Advertisement Thing!

First and foremost, let me say that this is NOT me giving up on the Lees… I’m just letting you know that I probably will NEVER rapidfire-post. And I’m trying to be okay with that. I frequently struggle with writers block, and then discouragement, and then wanting to quit writing forever. Granted, I’m never going to actually do that… But I get discouraged easily… I do hope you guys stick around… 😦

Another thing is that I have a SIMBLR, where I occasionally post gameplay pics, and I also have a story over there! It’s Called Fading Quickly (Insert Picture Montage)


tumblr_inline_ng1jyxuU6F1skvmne tumblr_inline_nikb27och21skvmne

tumblr_inline_nlqzp0OHDn1skvmne_500 tumblr_inline_nlsoxq9AK21skvmne_500


And technically it’s not a normal legacy. I call it an ‘Against The Clock‘ challenge. It’s a whole twist on a legacy challenge where your family is cursed, and each generation has to complete certain goals. It’s pretty fun, but the thing is, because of my posting speed (or lack thereof) I haven’t been able to test it all that much.

That’s where you come in!!!

Would anyone be able to try it out? And give me feedback on certain things? I do have a couple of other people who are trying it out aside from myself, but I figured the more the merrier. Plus it’d be easier to work out any kinks. Any takers?



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  1. ❤ Love youuuu! 🙂

  2. Who says eight chapters in three years ain’t rapid fire? 😉


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