Two Pointless Notes

Hey guys! So, this is a completely random post about 2 random things that do concern the Lee Legacy.

1. I don’t know if anyone caught onto this in Conrad’s 6th and 7th chapters (which I’m actually surprised that I even got that far), but there was ultimately a reason that Conrad gave his son the name Brian Kelly Lee. In chapter 6, he claims that both the names Brian, and Kelly are very special to him, and if you look at chapter 7, Marshal’s parents are named Archer Weaver, and BRIANNA KELLY, so yeah. Conrad’s mom meant so much to him that he wanted to name one of his children after her. And since this is a patriarchy, I figured why not give the second generation heir the male variation of her name, and I left the middle name as Kelly because I’m a lazy, cruel person.

I just wanted to make a note of it because it was a small (but rather significant (?)) detail that I couldn’t seem to fit anywhere in the chapter.

2. I usually suck really bad at building things. Like… seriously, for someone who studied architectural drafting, it’s pitiful my sim building skills. But even I have to admit that I didn’t do too bad with the courtroom that I used in chapter 8. It’s not a full blown courthouse or anything, but would anyone want me to put it up for download somewhere? It could be pretty good for some scene set up for stories and stuff. And it doesn’t have any CC aside from Ep and Sp things. 

Just let me know. 🙂

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  1. I’d download it. But we kind of share a computer XD ❤ Love you!

  2. I did notice the ‘Kelly’ part but not the ‘Bianna = Brian” part. Which is silly for me not to notice just because Brain is in Brianna. I don’t really do any drama stories but I’m sure someone that does would probably find a court room a really good resource. I would upload it and just provide the link.


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