Nate Is A Beluga Whale! (And He knows It!)

You’re probably wondering what the crap the title even means. You’re probably also wondering why this is a text post, and not an actual chapter.

Well, the reason I called myself a beluga whale, is because I don’t like using foul language, and this was the only insult I could think of at the current moment that wasn’t containing bad words. Anyway!!!

I just want to say I AM SO SORRY, GUYS!!! I’ve left you hanging, and I feel so guilty about that. The thing is, is that when I was living at my parents house, I had relatively only 1 day a week to go on the family PC and work on sims stuff. And since I have a total of 3 sims story type things (my legacy and ISBI on here, and my other story on tumblr), I had to be very choosy on what I could work on.

Emphasis on the word WAS… Because I have moved out into an apartment of my own about 3 weeks ago, and I now have an alienware gaming computer to play sims… So, I should have more time to post, right? WRONG!!!

When I moved stuff onto a flashdrive to move to my new PC, I moved the saves, the savedsims,and… I think that’s it. I wanted to start fresh, and I didn’t think “Hey! Why don’t I bring my poses too, so that I don’t have to look for them all over again!”

“But Nate,” you say, “you could just as easily take your flashdrive back to your parents house and move the poses over.” WRONG again. I’ve been trying, but every time I decide I’ll head over, we are met with a huge snow storm, so it’s wiser for me to wait until the weather clears up so I can get them. Or something else comes up that I can’t get them.

I’ve been trying to take pictures in the meantime, but finding poses takes forever, and EA animations can only go so far. Plus I keep ever so stupidly agreeing to enter Bachelor/ette challenges on tumblr, and those things always have a deadline that must be met so the person can start.

I know this all feels like a pathetic bunch of excuses… But it’s true… I do have all of chapter 8 written (and most of chapter 9), and partially pictured, but without my poses, it’s super slow going. But I’ve been trying. (But it’s a long chapter)

I will try to get a chapter out as soon as I can. I feel so guilty, and being stuck in generation 1 for over 3 years actually makes me angry with myself. So please, if you can find it in your hearts to forgive me, I will get a chapter out as soon as I possibly can.

I’m sorry again… 😦


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  1. No worries dude! Congrats on the the new place as well. And the alienware *is super super jealous*. That is exciting! The weather seems to be super bad for travelling this winter for a lot of places. Every time everyone turns around there is a storm coming of a not so nice amount of snow and other nasty precipitations. So again, no worries, but I am super stoked about a new chapter.

  2. Aww Nat we completely understand! I just hope you’re able to sort your computer problems out as soon as possible.

    Congrats on the new place by the way! That must be so exciting for you to have your own place. Majorly jealous that you have an alienware computer 😛

  3. I’m mostly upset that you think being a beluga whale is an insult! Haha…:P

    Anyway, in echoing the previous comments, I am also jealous of your totally kickin’ alienware computer.That sounds amazing, especially when I think of the 15-20 minute loading screens I encounter when I pull up my Different Winters save.

    As always though, take your time and no worries! We’ll still be around 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us!! ^_^

  4. All you guys jealous. I feel a certain kind of way because it was my idea to get it ;D He he. I love my alien ware. Once I move in with Nate, I’ll get to experience it all the time! No more slow for me! Yush!

    And baby, hush your face. You’re amazing and I love you. You’ll get it done when you get it done. Look at me! I’ve been with Val for like 900 years already…

  5. Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but of course I forgive you! I say it to bloggers/challenge players all the time – it’s supposed to be FUN – not something that is stressful, or makes you feel obligated! Us readers will happily await your return to posting! 🙂


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