1.6 Lost and Found: Part 2 To Save A Loved One

Hey guys! Its been a while! I’ve had this chapter written for about 500 years. Just never had the time to take pics… Or when I did, I could only take like 5 pictures or something. Anyway, life’s been kinda busy for me, so I’m super happy to finally be able to post this. I can’t say when the next chapter will be posted, just expect that it’ll take a while (as usual), but I’ll get to it when I can. Anyway! Without further ado! Read on!


There are many different ways of achieving fame. For some, it is the result of many long years of tiresome work. For others, it is due to their connections. The people they know, and the ones they are introduced to. And for a very few amount of other very lucky people, they are born into fame.


That is what happened to him. Being the son of two very powerful celebrities in Bridgeport, he was thrust into the spotlight practically once he came out of his mother’s womb. When people of great importance would see him, they would take their time to give him the attention he felt he deserved.


Once he was old enough, his parents put him in acting classes. Surely any director with half a brain would see this adorable child actor, and want to put him in the spotlight. He was always the one on top. In his classes, he was the star student, the one that always brought the teacher apples. When he would do something that he shouldn’t, it was easy to pin it on the shy awkward kid in class. No one would suspect the star student. He could do no wrong. And that is how much of his early life continued.



When he reached high school, he figured it was about time that he started looking for a mate. Someone who would be easy to manipulate, one who would not want to be in the spotlight, or steal his thunder. One day, during art class, he spotted her.


She was relatively easy on the eyes, yet seemed to shy away from any attention given to her. Surely she would welcome a savior. Especially one with his dashing good looks, and celebrity status. And welcome him she did.


As time progressed, he began to experience what the common man would call feelings, and while another, weaker man would shy away from said feelings, he saw them as an advantage.


He would let those feelings guide him in the ways of love, to officially win Renee over. And when he felt the time was right, he proposed.




She said yes.



Their wedding day was a glorious event. Anyone who was considered important knew that this was an event that should not be missed. He, however, refused the attendance of any paparazzi. He needed to ensure that Renee trusted him enough now, so that she didn’t complicate his plans.


A few months after they were wed, Renee expressed her desire to pursue a career in journalism. That was the moment that he should have realized that his plan may backfire. Unfortunately, when he recalls this memory, he expresses it as one of his weaker moments. So, due to his connections, he agreed to get her an entry level position at the Bridgeport News.

Before he knew what was happening, she began to excel in her field. And the more she excelled, the more attention she received. Soon, newspapers weren’t printing stories about him, they were printing stories about her, about an ordinary girl’s rise to fame. Fashion magazines were writing articles about her latest fashion choices. And when their two children were born, they did not ask him to discuss the daily changes of his life. They asked her.


He felt his fame slowly decrease, and it angered him.


As time passed by, both parents became more and more engrossed in their careers, and so Renee felt the need to hire a live in nanny. He honestly didn’t care, and so instructed his wife to figure it out herself. Which was exactly what she decided to do.


A couple of weeks later, when he returned home, he was surprised to find that it was not Renee that was caring for the children, but a very young girl.


Her name was Odine, she was only sixteen, but had moved from Barnacle Bay in search of a better life in order to support her mother, and ill father.

She acted exceedingly shy and in awe around him, much like Renee when they were both much younger, before she came and stole the spotlight from him. Oh, how he longed to feel in power again, it was like a drug to him. This girl would be easy to control. He just had to wait for the opportunity to present itself.


When it did, he took action, as he usually did.


However, this girl did not accept his advances. How dare she turn him down, she should have begged at his feet. In the midst of his anger and confusion, he took what he wanted.


He finally felt that the world was right. He had easily broken her, he could easily do it again if she decided to be brave at any given point. And so, life continued that way for a bit. Then, the unthinkable happened.

She left. She just decided to desert him to be with some other man. A man who was nothing, and when it all came down to it, he wouldn’t measure up. She even bore that man’s child. He knew that if he tried to drag her back, all of his transgressions would wiggle their way to the ears of every citizen in Bridgeport. So he decided to bide his time. The right moment would come for him to strike, stripping that nobody of all that he stole.


So when the right moment came, as usual, he jumped into action. Finally Odine would be all his. Except for the fact that she is pregnant with another child by that worthless man. He could easily rid her of the kid, and he could break her again if need be, but he was sure that nothing could stand in his way.




Odine lay on the makeshift bed that was set up for her, crying and thinking about all that has happened. Why me? She thought. Why now? She had thought that her life was finally looking up. She had hoped that she could finally settle down and start a family with Conrad, and she could be happy. Much like her parents were. But it always seemed like once everything finally started to look up, something else would happen that would crash all of her hopes. “What’s the point of trying any more?” She thought aloud.

“Well, what about the kid in your belly?” Odine jumped at the other voice. She had been locked in this room by herself for so long, that hearing another person’s voice, who wasn’t Reuben, felt a bit strange. Wiping the tears from her eyes, she asked “Who are you? What do you want?”


“I’m Doctor Lucas Bryan. I’m here to help you deliver the baby.” With that statement, Dr. Bryan walked over and extended his hand. Odine, wary of trusting anyone, scooted away from the doctor.

“Look. I know you probably don’t trust me. Why would you? I’m someone that Reuben brought in.” The way that he said Reuben’s name made Odine believe that he wasn’t a fan of  Reuben either. Dr. Bryan sighed, turned away and sat on a nearby chair.


“So the kid, do you know the gender?” Dr. Bryan asked. “Or did Reuben take you before you were able to find out?” Odine just continued to stare at him. “If you don’t want to talk, then that’s fine. I wouldn’t even want to talk to me either.”

“So did you choose to come?” Odine finally asked. With a soft chuckle, the doctor responded.

“Actually, no. I had to. A couple years back I had a slight drug problem. Reuben caught me, and now he threatened that if I didn’t help, he would reveal it to my superiors. I have a family that I need to support, and former drug addict really doesn’t look good when it comes to working at a hospital.” While he may have had a troubled past as well, Lucas’s good natured personality did put Odine at ease.

“Do you have any kids?” She asked him.

“Absolutely. I have three little girls. Piper is 10 years old, Alexandra is 7 years old, and Evie is 3.” They continued the small talk until they heard the stairs begin to creak as a person slowly came down.


“So how are we doing today?” The minute that Odine heard his voice, her stomach was in knots. She wanted to cry, and scream in fear.

Be strong. Be strong. She continuously told herself in her head. Though it made it all the more dangerous, she knew that she must not let Reuben have his way. Just until someone can find and free her.

“So are you finally ready to run away with me, my dear?” Odine had to try her hardest not to throw up as she saw his smug grin. He seemed certain that she was willing to just ditch her former life to be with him. I have to distract him. She thought.

“How… How would this work out?” She asked. A victorious look crossed his face, and he rubbed his chin, and smiled.


“Finally, your thinking. I already have it all worked out. Actors die all of the time, it would be pretty easy to stage my own death, let everything cool off, and then just leave Bridgeport.”


“But wouldn’t people recognize you if you just waltz around anywhere you wanted? It doesn’t seem like you thought this through very well.” Lucas asked from his chair behind Reuben. Odine noticed that Reuben’s whole body tensed. He then turned and gave the doctor a look before replying.

“That’s what plastic surgery is for. Only for me though. Nobody really knows you. Then I could take you anywhere I want.”


With that, he grabbed Odine’s hand, and yanked her up so that he could kiss her, practically shoving his tongue down her throat. Odine wanted to throw up. She waited a couple of seconds before punching him as hard as she could in the groin. He bent over in pain, but before Odine could get passed him, he grabbed her arm, and shoved her to the floor.

“Dude, are you crazy?” Lucas asked as he ran to Odine’s side. Her head was spinning, and she felt dizzy because her head hit the floor when she was thrown. When Lucas made sure that she was okay, he got up, and approached Reuben.


“What is wrong with you? She’s freaking pregnant!”

“She won’t be for much longer, and when she isn’t, I expect you to get rid of it.” Reuben stated quietly.

Odine couldn’t believe her ears. Despite the pain in the majority of her body, she used the last bit of strength that she had to get up from the floor.


“No!” She said in as forceful of a voice as she could. “You will NOT touch my baby!” She was mad now. “First you think you can just take advantage of me, then you come in and steal me from where I was happy just so you can feel important again, and now you think that you can just get rid of my baby? The baby I would give my own life for? Over my dead…” She had to stop when she felt the first contraction. She began to panic as she realized that her water had broken, and she knew it was time.


“Oh no. Is it the baby?” Lucas asked. Odine nodded quickly as the next contraction came. With that, Lucas rushed over to guide her to the bed, quickly forgetting about Reuben.

Before Odine was able to push, she grabbed Lucas’s arm and told him to make Reuben go away.

“I don’t need to. Once he realized that you were in labor, his face turned really pale, and he practically ran up the stairs. At least we now know one way to get him to leave.” He chuckled.


“No jokes… Not the time…” Odine gasped as she continued to control her breathing. Then, when her body was ready, she began to push.



Lucas stood next to the bed looking at the babies that he and Odine had placed there. Neither of them suspected her to have two babies, but when Odine was finished pushing out the girl, she wasn’t quite done, and the little boy followed soon after.

“So what are you going to name them?” He asked her.

“To be honest, I didn’t want to give them a name without Conrad here to help.”

He scoffed. “Conrad is one lucky man to have a caring woman like you. When my wife had our kids, she told me ‘I held her for nine months! I don’t care what you want!’ I really had no say when it came to naming our kids. I’ll make sure you three can get back home to him safely.” I hope. He thought as sat on the chair and waited for the moment when Reuben would come down.


He had just fallen asleep when he heard a door open, and Reuben’s heavy footsteps as the latter made his way down the stairs. He looked over at the bed and saw that Odine, and her twins were sound asleep. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he stood up, and waited for Reuben to finish making his way down.


When Reuben finally reached the floor, he made eye contact with the bed, and his face twisted in anger.

“I knew you didn’t have the balls to take care of it.” He said, “So I came to take care of it myself.” With that, he pulled out a gun, and marched over to where the bed was. Lucas quickly moved in the way. Reuben stared at Lucas in the eyes, and chuckled. “What are you going to do about it?” He asked, with a triumphant smirk on his face.


Lucas didn’t think. He just acted, and before he could even think of what his plan of action was, he had punched Reuben so hard in the face, that there was a loud cracking sound. Reuben spit out a tooth as both his nose and mouth began to bleed.

“Is that all you’ve got?” He asked. Then he shoved Lucas to the ground, and pointed the gun at him.


“Its too bad for your family that you couldn’t follow through. But you’ve over stayed your welcome anyway.”


Then he pulled the trigger.



Odine had been sound asleep and was dreaming. Dreaming of better days. The days that she was with Conrad and Lance. Where they would go to the kiddie park, and Conrad would push her on the swing while Lance would ‘help’. She didn’t expect to hear a gunshot, but when she did, she snapped awake, and saw what she wished she could forget.


It was all she could do to keep herself from screaming as blood flowed from her new friend’s skull. She watched in horror as Reuben casually put the gun away.

“That’s what happens when you don’t do what I tell you.” He then happened to notice the blood on his shirt. He cursed. “Now I have to get this mess cleaned up. I trust you won’t try anything funny.” With that, he turned, and went back up the stairs, locking the door behind him.


When he was gone, the dam broke, and Odine began to cry. She cried for herself, she cried for her children, she cried for Lucas, and his family. They would be missing both a father, and a husband because of her. She cried until she couldn’t cry anymore. Then, she began to pray that soon, someone would find her, and save her and her babies from this hell.



I drove as fast as I could to the address that Lois had given me over the phone. My stomach was bouncing around everywhere, and I was clutching the steering wheel so tightly that my knuckles turned whiter than my already pale complexion. They had told me where they figured she was, but they never mentioned whether she was okay or not. What if we went inside, and she was dead? I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if he had killed her. I had to get there before anything happened to her. I don’t care about myself anymore. I just need to make sure she stays alive, even if I have to die trying.


I parked on the side walk, and got out of my car in search of the girls. I paced around the lawn of the very small shed type building near the bridge that separates the city from the suburban side of Bridgeport. It was far enough away from civilization that it was partially hidden from view, but close enough, that no one would really expect to check there for missing people, because they figure that no one is stupid enough to hide someone in plain sight.


I stood there, wondering where in the world Lois and Bonnie could be hiding. I was just about to head back to the car to double check whether or not I had made a mistake with the address, when I heard a barely audible “Psst!” I looked around, until I saw a petite hand come up from behind a bush. I ran over to where the hand was.


“Nice of you to finally join us.” Bonnie said. I shook both of their hands, then asked “So what’s the plan?”

“Nothing yet. We’ve just been sitting here, waiting for the right opportunity. So that we make sure that Odine doesn’t get hurt in the process.”

“But… But what if he is hurting her right now? She might not be able to take it. She could end up dying while we just sit here.”


“But if he is hurting her,” Lois spoke up, “and we interfere, he could end up hurting her worse than he originally planned. Trust us Conrad, we’ve done this before.”  I didn’t care how many times they had done it before, I wasn’t going to relax until I knew she was safe. I was about to argue, when I noticed a gun on Lois’s belt. I kept my mouth shut, and waited for the right moment. That moment came a few seconds later, when Lois took her focus off of me, and turned away to strategize with her sister. I took my chance, and grabbed the gun.


I then ran as fast as I could to the shack, ignoring the Izbie sisters’ calls for me to come back, Odine’s safety the only thing on my mind.


I crashed through the front door. I aimed the gun in front of me as I searched through the only room in the house. Finding no one, I slowly paced the floor, in search of any evidence of Odine or Reuben. But one thing did catch my eye.



All of the furniture in here looked old, moldy, or rusty, except for a bookshelf in the far corner of the room. I crept up to the bookshelf, and began inspecting it. Everything seemed normal, so why was I getting a suspicious vibe every time I got near it.


There has to be something behind this. I thought, as I took a step closer. I reached for a copy of ‘Murder in Pleasantview’, but it wouldn’t budge. I then tried to pull an other book off the shelf. Then an other. Then one more. None of the books that I tried would move. I took a closer look at the books. Surprisingly, all of them were murder mystery books. I rubbed my arms to stop the chills, when I spotted a book that looked a bit out of place.

“‘Power Loss? Ten Easy Steps To Regain Control’, huh?” I read aloud. I gently put one finger in the book, and tugged in order to see if it would budge. It did! Beneath the book, on the shelf, was a button, which I quickly pressed.


The floor rumbled gently as the bookshelf moved to the side, and I had to take a step back. In the room behind the shelf, was a staircase.



I made my way slowly down the stairs. I started to smell something really disgusting when I was about halfway down the stairs. It was so foul smelling, that I had to cover my nose using one of my arms as I tried my best to make sure that I didn’t toss my cookies. The fear that I felt increased all the more when it clicked in my brain that the rotting smell could be Odine, and I went down the stairs faster than before.


When I reached the bottom, I felt relief to see that Odine was in fact alive, until the moment that I saw the blood stain on the floor. I was going to run to her, but my stomach couldn’t take the smell that had invaded my nostrils, and I threw up. Odine had been resting on her bed, but her head quickly shot up when she heard me empty out my stomach.

“Conrad?” She asked. As if fearing that saying my name out loud would wake her up from a very happy dream.

“Its me Odine. I’m here.” I said as she got up slowly, and began making her way toward me. I ran over to her before she had even taken five steps in my direction, and enveloped her in a hug.


“I knew you would find me eventually.” She said as she cried into my shoulder.

“I wasn’t going to stop until I did, my love. Now, come on. Let’s get out of here.” I began to walk to the stairs, when she pulled me back, and with a gentle, yet firm voice, she said “Wait. We need the twins.” Twins? I thought. It took a couple of seconds before I understood what she was talking about. I pulled her into an other hug, as a smile reached my face. My babies had survived. They made it, and I don’t think there was any possible way that I could be happier.


“Well isn’t this a nice family reunion.” Hearing his voice made me jump. I turned around quickly, and pointed my gun in his direction.

“Oh, so you came prepared. Well its a good thing for me that I brought this.” As he said that, he pulled a gun out and shook it near his head, as if showing off a new toy. Then he aimed it at me.


“I don’t think you have the guts to shoot me. You aren’t man enough to pull the trigger, Mr. Lee. Or should I call you Mr. Weaver?” When he called me that, I took a step back in shock, and I lowered my arm.

“Its interesting what you can find out when you have money.” He chuckled. “I’m actually very surprised. But don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.”


“Conrad, what is he talking about?” Odine’s voice came from behind me. Oh crap.

“You never told her?” Reuben asked, apparently amused. “I thought that marriage was about honesty, and trust. If this is honestly the type of life that you wish to have Odine, then be my guest.” He was having way too much fun with this. I was getting fed up with him, but I didn’t dare get any closer, for fear of getting shot. I clenched my jaw, and took a couple deep breaths, while I kept my gun targeted on him. He lowered his gun, and moved closer until the end of my gun was on his chest.


“C’mon! Prove that you’re a real man! Pull the trigger!” He yelled, taunting me. As much as I hated this man, as much as I wanted to make him pay for all of the crap he had put me and my family through. As much as I wanted to end his miserable life, I couldn’t. I couldn’t take someone else’s life, and he knew it.

It all happened so fast. One moment I am looking at the smug face of Reuben as he raised the gun.



The next moment, I’m on the ground, looking up in horror as my wife clutched the bullet hole in her lower abdomen.

“Odine!” I yelled, as I pulled myself up from the ground. I rushed over, and caught her as she fell.


“I did warn you, Odine. This is what happens when you try to outsmart me.” Reuben remarked casually. I didn’t care anymore what his stupid mouth was saying, nor did I pay attention to the fact that my children were screaming at the top of their lungs from the moment that the gunshot rang. I just held on to Odine, while her life drained away in my arms. At the corner of my tear stained eyes, I saw Reuben get closer, and I knew that he was planning on actually shooting me this time. I could feel his eyes on me, but I refused to look at him, and prayed that it would end quickly.


“Such a waste.” Reuben sighed. Before he could pull the trigger, a door crashed open, and multiple footsteps rushed down the stairs.


“Freeze!” I heard someone shout. I jerked my head up for a second, silently thanking God that this whole fiasco was over as the police came and arrested Reuben.



I sat in the waiting room of the hospital with my head in my hands. After Reuben had been arrested, the paramedics had come and taken Odine, and my kids to the Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital, and I had followed them as closely as I could, constantly praying to God. “Please don’t let my wife die. Please let her be okay.”

Sitting there, begging God for her to be alright, I realized that I had been holding my breath, as if letting out a breath would determine her chance of survival.


I slowly let myself breath out, when the doctor came out. I ran over to him, and immediately began bombarding him with questions.


“Your wife and children are fine.” He told me. “Mrs. Lee was very lucky that the bullet passed right through. A couple of inches higher, and she would’ve been in serious trouble. You can see her now.” He turned around then, and led me to the room where my wife was staying.


When I saw her, I couldn’t help but shove the doctor aside, and rush to hug my wife.

“Ow!” She yelped. “Conrad, be careful!” I pulled back quickly, and she smacked my arm as hard as she could, which wasn’t that hard at all. I couldn’t help but smile as I feigned being in pain. I was glad that despite having been shot, and being in the hospital, she was still her normal child-like self. I was about to lean over to kiss her, when I heard a barely audible coo. Both Odine and I turned our heads, and that’s when I actually noticed the two cribs at the corner of the room.


“Would you like to meet your kids?” Odine asked. I nodded, and one of the nurses grabbed the first baby, and handed her to me. It was a baby girl, and she was sleeping peacefully.


“What are their names?” I asked.

“I was actually waiting for you. I didn’t want to give them names without you being there and seeing them.” I chuckled, and looked the baby girl in the eye.

“Hmm… Any ideas on this one?” I brought her up to my face and rubbed my nose on her nose.


“I… I was thinking Valyssa.” She said nervously.

“I like it.” I told her after I had pondered over the name for a bit. “Its different enough, but not too different. Its cute! And with a name like Valyssa, you don’t really need a middle name, right Valyssa?” I asked my daughter jokingly. I then paused for a minute as I scratched my chin.

“Brian.” I said. She looked at me with a shocked face for a second. When it finally clicked in her head what I meant, she looked at the baby boy in the hospital bed, and began to cry. I walked over and asked her if it was okay.


“Yes, its okay.” She told me through tear stained cheeks. “Its just that, that was the last name of the doctor who helped me give birth when I was trapped. He helped me in more ways than just delivering the babies, he gave his life so that we could live.” I then remembered the blood, and the rotting smell that had made me vomit, as a tear came down my face. I gently kissed Odine on the forehead, and apologized.

“It isn’t your fault. In the short time that I’ve known him, he became a good friend. I only wish you could’ve met him. I think you two would’ve gotten along well.” She then sighed, and wiped the remaining tears from her eyes. “So Brian, huh? Does this one have a middle name?”


“I was actually thinking of Kelly.” I said.

“But isn’t Kelly usually a girl’s name?” I couldn’t help but smile at her question.

“Normally it is, yes. But both of those names are special to me.”

“Well, if you want to doom your son to having a girl’s middle name, then that’s fine by me.” She giggled. “You do know that he’s probably going to hate us for it, right?”

“Probably. But I think he’ll survive.” I responded, as I took Valyssa back to her crib. When I turned around, I saw that the smile had left her face. I knew what was coming.


“Conny?” She asked. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Aren’t you already?” I asked, trying to dodge the question that I knew she was going to ask. When she gave me the usual look she would give me when I was joking during a serious moment, I sighed.

“Go ahead.”

“When we were back there, and both you and Reuben were pointing guns at each other, he called you by another name, and was talking about how he didn’t think you had the guts to do it. What… What was he talking about?”

I couldn’t help but let my shoulders drop. My legs felt like spaghetti as I slowly walked over to the chair next to her bed and sat down. I knew this day would come eventually, I was just hoping for more time to be able to figure out how to phrase it.


I stared at the floor, suddenly fascinated with the carpet

“Conny?” Odine asked. With a sigh, I lifted my head to make sure that no one was around, took a couple of deep breaths, and forced myself to speak.

“There are some things that you don’t know about me. I ask that you let me finish before coming to any conclusions.” I groaned and rubbed my eyes, knowing full well that I was probably going to regret telling her.

“My real name isn’t Conrad Lee. My real name is Marshal Weaver.


Thanks for reading guys! I hope you enjoyed it! Sorry for ending on a cliffhanger, but this just seemed like a relatively alright part to stop at. Don’t hate me. XD As usual, comments and likes are greatly appreciated!

Oh, and this may be random, but I had asked my girlfriend Jax for help with animating some of the blood… And this is what she gave me…

Screenshot-533Thanks babe… Thanks… T_T

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      Reuben definitely got what was coming to him. Butt nugget to the max! Haha! The old Zappy Zappy? O_O That’s a rather… elaborate scenario… I liked Bryan alot too… He was kinda spunky! I never actually thought of that… But I will definitely include that somewhere… His wife and kids need closure!

      That definitely was a long comment! Thanks again babe for reading! Suspense=wanting more! Mwahaha!!! That was my plan all along! XD

      Oh God! I seriously can’t believe you hashtagged… XD You’re a special person… XD

  2. deathcullen

     /  August 28, 2013

    For a teeny tiny a second I wanted to hurt you just a tad, if you killed Odine. Of course, that was before I read that she was okay. Awwww twins!!! I like the name Valyssa! And Brian! I liked Lucas. Why did kill him?! Now, his girl’s won’t have their father anymore, and that’s just so terrible and it makes me cry. Ugh, Reuben, I’m glad he’s gone! Awesome chapter!!!!

    • I definitely would be pissed at myself too if I killed Odine! But I couldn’t do that! Its nice to know that I’m safe from a Deathcullen type beating! XD
      Yeah! They didn’t really expect it, since she was kidnapped before they could find out. Valyssa is actually the name of my two nieces, who I adore! And I thought it sounded like a cool name!
      I liked Lucas too… I really didn’t want too… But I had been discussing it with my girlfriend, and we realized that there was no way for him to survive, and not go to prison along with Reuben (even if he wasn’t charged with kidnapping, he would be charged with drug abuse), so I decided to let him die a hero… His family will get some closure in one of the future chapters…
      I’m glad that Reuben is finally gone too… You do not know how much I hated the nonexistent guy! Who knew one could have such a dislike for pixels! XD
      Thanks for reading Zoe!

      • deathcullen

         /  September 1, 2013

        Yes, you are safe from a Deathcullen beating. It’s not pretty. Aww, that’s so sweet Valyssa was named after your two nieces; it really is a cool name. I’m glad that Lucas’s family will get closure.

        Oh I know how it feels to have such a dislike for pixels. I hate my sims sometimes, because they do the stupidest things and cause me to get annoyed.

  3. OMG Reuben is such a duck. And that’s probably the understatement of my day as well. I’m so glad he got caught for more than just Odine and Conrad’s sake. Poor everyone who comes in contact with him, getting pulled into his duckishness. Lucas’ family is never going to get good closure on that one. I so hope that Odine and Conrad can make their family work after he reveals all of his secrets – after everything they’ve gone through they deserve some happiness together and all of those cute little kiddies too. Wonderful chapter, I hope you keep writing (and reminding me when you post!) because I really truly like the style you use and how you develop your characters.

    • He is! I agree! I so wanted to finish that chapter so that I didn’t have to see his stupid face anymore! XD
      I feel for Lucas’s family as well… I really wanted him to survive, but there wasn’t any way for him to survive and not be arrested.
      You will see whether or not the Lee family works after all of this. I do believe, however, that they do deserve happiness together…
      I shall definitely keep writing. Aww. Thanks Chellekaz! It means alot! 🙂

    • Oh, by the way… I sorta changed your comment… because I don’t really like cursing on my blog… Hope that’s okay.

      • That’s totally OK! I saw that it was all **** (that’s actual stars and not censor stars!) and would have edited it out if WordPress gave me the option. So sorry!

  4. Cinnamon Sugar

     /  August 28, 2013

    Wow, okay, so much happened in this chapter! Also, I don’t know if I’ll be able to write my normal long comment, but it looks like Jax took that over for me, so at least there’s no pressure 😛

    First of all, I want to tell you what a great job you did changing the point of view from character to character, while still letting the story flow. It was an ingenious way to let us know the motives and feelings of the other characters in the story, instead of having them go through a monologue of how they felt when Conrad entered the scene. Additionally, using the old beige filter for the story about Reuben’s past was an easy yet accurate way for us (the readers) to know it was the past without having Reuben say… it all started when… So bonus cookies for that!

    As for Reuben, you did a good job with his back story, essentially making his upbringing very real and explaining to the readers why he did what he did and is the way he is. Also, although I’m sad Brian died, I’m glad that Reuben killed him. Gah that sounds so cruel, but it would have gone against his character *not* to shoot him. Sad that he had to die, and I laughed at his panic stricken face when Odine goes into labour, but you covered it well. I *am* curious to see if Reuben comes back. Part of me thinks that with his money and power he could certainly post bail, although he wouldn’t be able to avoid the trial unless he skipped town and became a fugitive. That’s if the police could prove he killed Brian. As for assault and kidnapping, I think he could afford a powerful enough lawyer to come to his rescue. If he does get out, I fear for Conny, Odine and their kids.

    Speaking of their family, Odine was exceptionally brave, while still being scared during her time in the basement. I was happy to see that you weren’t afraid to show her being scared, depressed, and crying. I think had been stronger it wouldn’t have fit her character who is so emotional. Still, her overall strength was there, and her desire to protect her family. I cheered for her. Although, for a good long while I wasn’t sure if you were going to kill Odine or Conrad. Am glad they both made it out alive, although I’m wondering if Conrad thinks the same, seeing as now he has to tell her his deep dark secret.

    As for Conrad, he is adorable and reckless. I was so mad at him for just taking off, yet at the same time was very glad he did. Now I just have to wait and see what this secret you’ve been keeping from us since the beginning is!!

    Good cliffhanger. I would have ended the story in exactly the same place 🙂

    • Haha! I hope I didn’t overload anyone with this chapter… Honestly, your comment is pretty big… I wonder how much longer the CiSu sized one would be… O_O

      Really? Thanks! I agree, the monologuing would’ve driven ME crazy! And I had hoped that Reuben’s backstory made sense… Good to know that it did. XD

      Thanks! I definitely needed a reason for him to do what he did. It wouldn’t have made sense for him just to be evil! There had to be a reason, and I thought the readers needed to see why. I actually had been trying to think of a way to have him survive… But I didn’t want him to be arrested… I couldn’t think of any way… So I instead chose to make him a hero…
      I honestly don’t WANT him to come back… But then again, this whole kidnapping thing was never a part of my original plan… And look where we are now! So I can’t say whether or not he will reenter the story… I can guarantee that both Lucas’s and Reuben’s family will be in future chapters… For important reasons…

      I also think that had she been stronger, it wouldn’t have fit her character… This was a man who completely terrified her. So her not being scared was out of character, but at the same time, she wanted to be strong because it wasn’t just her that she had to protect… She had a kid (actually 2) that she wanted to survive as well… I think though, that had she not been pregnant, the outcome may have been different. And maybe I just wanted to add some suspense… Plus, the fact that Reuben shot Odine, and he was about to kill Conrad when the cops came in, are points against him… And Conrad HAS wanted to be honest with his wife, he just never knew how, or felt like it was the right time. Now he is forced to tell her, and he is worried that it may change her opinion of him forever…

      He was being pretty reckless. But then again, his mind was only on one thing… Odine’s safety. And he really didn’t care about anything else, so he did something unbelievably stupid in order to save her, because he wasn’t in his right mind. It was lucky that everything ended the way it did. And hopefully it won’t take so long for me to get this nect chapter out.

      Thanks! And thank you very much for reading!

      • Cinnamon Sugar

         /  August 30, 2013

        Well a CiSu comment would have been just a tad longer, so don’t fret too much 😉

        It’s true. I mean I know there are a few people who are just born evil, but I think it gives it more substance if there is a reason behind the why the villain does what he does and thinks the way he thinks. For Reuben it made sense that he couldn’t get a handle on people rejecting him, and not being the center of attention. Although, his methods for fixing his problem was WAY overboard, the core reasons made sense.

        As for Lucas Bryan (and so sorry that I 1) spelt Bryan wrong in the previous post, and 2) called him by his last name), I think the better choice was to have him die. I mean, it sucks for his family, but to have everyone survive, would have been too fairy tale ending. At least in my opinion. Now, even though Lucas is dead, there’s a loving memory attached to him as a father, doctor and hero.

        Hee hee, well at least you know you have the option to bring him back if you ever *need* to. It’s just, we never saw the body of Dr. Bryan, so do the cops even know? Of course, kidnapping, aggravated assault with a weapon, attempted murder, and I’m sure a few other charges are more then enough to keep him behind bars for as long as you want/need.

        Ooo yay for tying in different families and story-lines! I shall wait anxiously to see where they fit in, just as I’ve been waiting since your very first post to see why Conrad is on the run.

        No it wouldn’t have, but you’re right, she could be strong because of her twins. I agree, had she not been pregnant, I think the outcome would have been different. I think she would have given in to her despair and depression.

        Oh yes, poor Conrad. Although, saving her life probably gives him bonus points to hopefully outset whatever his past holds that he thinks will ruin his relationship with her.

        Hopefully not, but it’ll be worth the wait! All your chapters are!

  5. Woah, sooo much happened! Like gah, my head is whirring from all the action! Let me calm down and I’ll be able to write a more civilised comment XD

    Okay I’m better now! I don’t know why but I found the beginning of the chapter was a real nice touch. Reuben was such a nutjob, I’m glad he’s going to prison for what he did to Odine and Bryan. Agreeing with Jax that he could maybe do with a trip to the zappy-zappy!
    Bryan’s death was really quite touching, especially since he won’t be able to see his daughters again. He sounded like such a proud daddy as well 😦

    Odine is such a strong and brave woman. I loved how you portrayed all her emotions in this chapter, fear, bravery, anger. I’m glad though that they all made it out in the end. When she got shot, I was really nervous. I know how stories work with situations like this!

    Can’t wait to find out more about Conrad’s secret. Such a great way to end a chapter!

    • Alot of stuff really DID happen this chapter… But I really wanted to get this out of the way!

      Thanks! He is a nutjob! I still have to decide the verdict for his actions… Maybe prison… Maybe zappy zappy… Who knows…
      He was a proud daddy. I am going to make sure his family has closure… They deserve that much.

      She is very brave. Thanks! It was alot of emotions, and its nice to know that I portrayed them okay. I would’ve been really nervous, had I not known what was going to happen.

      I can’t wait for you guys to read it! Hopefully I have time to get it out soon…

  6. meginthebox

     /  August 30, 2013

    Rueben is the wooooooorst. Wow. What a creepy, manipulative, messed up guy. You did really well with showing about him though. I was legitimately hating his guts. When he’s talking about Odine and how easily he can break her – grrr I can’t even express. BUT he’s going to prison now. I feel like that’s not punishment enough but alas. That’s how it goes. I can be content as long as he just stays FAR FAR FAR away. From, like, everyone. Complete and total isolation would be a great punishment for him. May I suggest the quietest room in the world? http://news.discovery.com/human/life/worlds-quietest-room-will-drive-you-crazy-in-30-minutes.htm

    Odine is straight up epic. I think I respect her most in this legacy because of everything she’s been through. She’s such a great character. I just want everything to be over for her because she deserves it so much. And I’m glad she’s finally getting the truth from Conrad, even though I’m a bit nervous about it. Anyways. You go, girl. You go.

    Brian – I wish he could’ve lived. He was simply awesome. I’m sad. I hate Rueben.

    But the babies! I’m happy about them. I can’t wait to see what they’re like! (They’ve got great parents though, I’m sure they’ll be great as well)

    This was such an intense chapter. You did a really good job! :3 :3

    • Reuben really IS the worst.You do not know how much I wanted to get this chapter over with so I didn’t have to see his dumb face anymore… Good Lord, that actually sounds terrifying…

      She is pretty boss. I will take her epicness as a compliment, but we do have to give EA some credit… Sorta XD

      Brian- I wish he did to… But at least he went out with a bang… That sounded less wrong in my head…

      I’m happy that FINALLY generation 2 is born. I’ve been in generation 1 for almost 2 years! Sigh…

      Thanks Meg!

    • Full of salient points. Don’t stop belvniieg or writing!

  7. Amazing job showing Reuben’s backstory. Forevermore I’m going to have the urge to bury him in a basement when I play Bridgeport. (Which is a lot, actually. And the really funny part is I ALWAYS use that little shack for my sim to live in because I love the location.)

    Odine was so brave. She had so much strength, even after giving birth to TWINS!
    And NO, LUCAS! I liked him. 😦 His poor family.
    By the way, it didn’t even occur to me that all the blood this chapter was edited. Nice job! Especially you, Jax. xD

    I don’t know why, but when I was reading Lucas’ children’s names, I was suddenly hit by a huge liking for the name Piper. I just love it now!

    Anyway, fantastic chapter! I’m so glad the family’s together again.

    • Thanks! Haha! You officially have my permission to lock him up wherever.

      She was brave… I belive it was mainly the twin that gave her said strength… As she is a very family oriented sim… And she wanted them to survive, even if she didn’t.

      Ik. I’m sorry! I liked him alot too… As I was writing his parts, he grew on me… And then I had to kill him. At least he died for a reason.

      Really? I hated my editing skills… At least someone liked them! XD And yes… Jax is… a special woman.

      Heh, really? Piper is a pretty cool name… I’ve only met like one Piper before… So it might not be the most common.

      Thanks Rochelle! I’m very glad too. XD And thanks for reading!

  8. I really loved the action scenes. They can be so difficult to do in the Sims, and you pulled it off brilliantly! Good job! And nice work on keeping Conrad’s identity under wraps for this long. I suspected it was Conrad, but I wasn’t entirely sure.

    • Thank you! It was sort of difficult, I will admit that I had help with the poses and blood editing…
      You do not know how much I’ve been wanting to reveal this whole thing. It will all be revealed in the next chapter… which I hope is enjoyable enough… thank you for reading.

  9. Very intense chapter, I love how you have worked some of Bridgeport’s background stories into your legacy. Can’t wait to learn more about Conrad’s past!

    • Thanks! And I thought that the original family story (with a little tweaking, of course) of the Littlers + Odine fit very well with my story. All the other possible spouses in Bridgeport didn’t really click for me story wise. I hope it wasn’t “too” intense… XD Can’t wait to reveal Conrad’s past! Still trying to figure out some stuff, and still need to tweak some things before I start taking pics…

      Thanks for reading!

  10. Oh my gosh! This definitely ranks among the top “Most Intense” chapters that I’ve ever read in a Sim Blog, and I’ve read quite a few doozies! Wonderfully done! I think I can finally start breathing again, lol.

    Also, huge kudos for how excellently you posed these shots. I still have difficulties setting up shots like that, so I have to take my hat off to you. That stuff takes TIME and PATIENCE man and you did great!

    So sweet that they named one of the twins after Brian, even though it was kind of by accident. He was such a brave man! Really sad to see that he didn’t make it, but I’m glad that otherwise, this whole terrible scenario worked out.

    Well, except for the fact that Conrad isn’t exactly who he says he is!! Now I must read on to see how Odine takes this news 😛

    • Hah! Thanks! I’m glad that it ranks so high! Means a lot, especially since there are so many stories that have rollercoaster storylines!

      Heh, thanks! It did take a lot of time, and patience. It also took a lot of research to find the right poses, and to find ways to edit the picture to make it as “realistic” as possible! I had a bunch of help from my fiancé though. She’s really good with stuff like that! She even has her own story, which is really good! I would recommend it to anyone! I know on your blog you mentioned looking for more stuff to read, you should check hers out! http://legacychallengez.wordpress.com

      For Odine, it’s a random blessing that Conrad decided to name their son Brian. Conrad has a specific reason as to why, which is sort of revealed in the next chapter… I don’t think any of my readers realized why he decided to name his son Brian Kelly Lee, so I’m probably going to have to make it obvious in chapter 8. XD And it was definitely sad that Lucas had to die. I actually spent hours trying to figure out a way that he could have survived, while still making it make sense. But alas, it was not meant to be. His family will get closure… Eventually.

      Thanks for reading!

  11. Sianystar

     /  September 20, 2014

    Oh my goodness so much drama!! I’m so pleased that Odine and the babies got out okay (were you expecting twins or were they a surprise?). The look back into Reuben’s past was brilliantly done, Lucas (RIP) was a top character and it was so lovely for Odine to have even a glimmer of support while she was kidnapped. I think that Conrad hired the right people! Always great to have a happy ending (despite the tbc cliffhanger…)… apart from Lucas (RIP)

    Top notch 🙂


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