Happy Birthday… Yay… T_T

‘Sup ya’ll!

So last night (well since its past midnight, the night before this current one), I decided to check when the Lee’s one year anniversary to see if maybe I could do a small anniversary post, or maybe get Odine’s special out on that day. Unfortunately, the anniversary is today (or “yesterday) the 17th of september. Which is pretty depressing, because in other legacies, they are in the 6th-ish generation when their one year anniversary comes around. So since I don’t have time to do anything except type this lame thing. And you will have to excuse my foul mood. I am dead tired, and got a couple chores to do, and I work today, so no nap for me. 😦 So I can pretty much expect to feel like complete doodoo today.

Okay. So work is done, I feel less crappy, and I’m back home. Still don’t have time to make a little special for you guys… I feelzes bad… 😦 What I can do though, is put a couple preview pictures of the Odine’s little thingamabob. Which feels a bit lame, but its the best I can do. So here is a little sneak peak of the special chapter titled ‘A Wedding to Remember’:

And to show my really bad skills, 

Yay! *blows really lame sounding horns, and streamers, and stuff*

So yeah. Happy birthday Lees.

Ps. And thank you guys for sticking around with my slowness, and thank you guys very much for the relatively 4 thousand hits! Whoo!!!

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  1. Congrats! I hope I can make it that far and that long too! 🙂

  2. Happy birthday Lee’s 🙂 And don’t feel bad, I didn’t do anything either. I just put them in a group photo. I still have six months to figure out for my two year thing. I don’t even… What I want to do is a Halloween special though. Probably do that early though if I do it at all.

  3. Cinnamon Sugar

     /  October 8, 2012

    Happy Birthday!! Well Belated I suppose, but better late than never!

  4. Ok I caught up. Very good. I really enjoyed it and I even cried at some points. And never worry about the length of time between posts. Believe me life gets in the way. I have some posts with six to ten month in between. Anyways looking forward for the next one.

    • Thanks for reading OPB! I try not to worry. But sometimes I start to feel a bit guilty. Not entirely sure the whole reason why though. Thanks again for reading!

  5. Clearly shown by all of the comments, your legacy is worth waiting for. 🙂


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