Special Chapter: A Wedding to Remember

Hey! Yo! Surprised to see me? Astonished that it didn’t take another seven months for me to do this? I know! Me too! But I wanted to finish this before I had to go to New York tomorrow (well, since its four am, more like later today. Anyways! I know I probably didn’t speak enough about Conrad and Odine’s wedding in the last chapter, so I decided, since she is a very special character to me, to show the proposal, and wedding, in Odine’s POV. Besides, she is a woman, and guys you have to admit that no matter how detailed you are, a woman is usually (unless you are a very special case) going to pay more attention to certain things. So here we go!


“Odine, I love you, and I love Lance, and though these past few years have been a difficult for the both of us, I know that we can push through anything when we are together, and I can’t imagine my life now without you. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” Deep in my gut, I wanted to say yes. But I felt like I would’ve cheated Conrad out of someone better. So I told him no. “Odine, I have a big feeling that you feel the same way that I do, so what’s stopping you from saying yes?” He asked, slowly standing and caressing my cheek. I shrugged and told him. “I feel like I would be cheating you out of marrying someone better. I can’t be that selfish. I wish you would stop loving me.” He looked me right in the eye and asked. “What would you do if Lance told you to stop loving him?” Without thinking I told him, “I would tell them to shut up and let me love him. Because its not something that I can just turn off.” With a smirk he replied, “Then can you shut up and let me love you? Because its not something that I can just turn off.” “That’s different!” I attempted to argue. “How?” He asked me. I had no answer for him. “If you want to think about me, imagine how sad I would feel if the love of my life rejects me again.” He stated, “Plus with all the stuff we’ve gone through, we deserve to be a little selfish. So I am going to ask one more time, Odine Perry, would you give me the honor of becoming my wife?” He said as he got down on his knee again. I caved, he was right after all, and I knew we would both be unhappy if I said no for a third time.


Wedding day “I can’t believe that you are getting married, and that you asked me to be your maid of honor, and that you have a son!” Deidre shrieked as she helped me slip into my dress. “Lance is so cute! I can’t believe you and Conrad had a son together. I didn’t even know that you knew him that long. Where did he get the blonde hair from though?” I couldn’t respond to that. Conrad and I decided to let everyone come to their own conclusions, which we figured would be that Lance was Conrad’s son. “Uh… I think its from Conrad’s family, he told me something about his grandma having blonde hair.” I felt bad lying to one of my former best friends. But I couldn’t tell her that Lance was actually her half-brother. If you know me, you know that I’m a terrible liar, but I was saved by a knock on the bedroom door. “Hello?” A woman’s voice called. I opened the door hoping that it was my family, and that their letter stating that they couldn’t make the trip from Barnacle Bay was a lie. I opened it to find three old ladies. “Oh Odine! You look lovely!” One of them said, putting her hand on her heart. “Of course she looks lovely!” Another piped in as she came through the door. “Our Conny wouldn’t pick some ogre. Not that looking like an ogre is a bad thing. Mary Ann has been fine all of these years.” She stated, pointing at the last one. “Oh hush Constance!” The last one retorted as they all came through the door. “Oh look at us, all yappin’ this poor young lady’s ears off, and she don’t even know who we are. As you probably figured, I’m Mary Ann, and these are my sisters Evalynn and Constance.” She stated matter-of-factly, then she leaned in and whispered loudly. “Be careful around Constance, that poor girl might be a few fries short of a Happy Meal.” “Both of you, quiet. Your makin’ the girl think we are raving lunatics.” Evalynn stated. “Now Odine, I know that Conny is going to take good care of you, we taught him well, but if he tries anything, you call us so we can take care of it.” She said, punching her fist into her hand for effect. I just laughed, until Constance told me that Evalynn has a black belt in Sim-fu. I was officially confused. When Conrad would mention them I pictured them more… His skin color? These ladies don’t even look related to him. “Now I also want to fill you in on how the ceremony will be, since I will be the minister who is going to marry you two love birds. Now, once you reach the front, Conrad is supposed to grab your hand and you both will face me.” She continued to give me instruction, until a little voice piped up. “Mama!” Lance called out while running toward me. “So this is Lance?” Constance asked, getting in the way. She picked him up, and Lance froze, until Constance found his ticklish spot. “He’s so precious.” Mary Ann came over and squished his cheeks. “Hello little one! I’m your great aunt Mary Ann. Your so cute, I just wanna squeeze your face off.” Conrad’s aunts and Deidre left shortly after to talk to Conrad, and I continued to get ready, until Deidre came in. “Odine? Its time!”


Butterflies with metal tipped wings were fluttering in my stomach as the first few notes of “Your The Inspiration” by Chicago started to play. Deidre squealed in excitement before beginning to make her way down the aisle. What if I can’t do this? What if it doesn’t work out? When they say the wedding jitters, they are not joking. Then I remembered something that my father used to tell me when I was scared of something. He would say to me, “the only advice that I can give is to do it afraid. You need to take risks sometimes, and if it doesn’t come out perfect, you pick yourself up, and keep going.” So I took a deep breath, and started to walk down the aisle. That’s when I saw Conrad, and I knew that I was making the right choice. I reached the front just as the song was finishing, and I shakily grabbed Conrad’s hand, and faced his aunt. When it was time we said our vows. I, Conrad Lee, vow to love you with all of my heart, from this day forward, to have and to hold. To love and to cherish. In sickness and in health, for richer or poor, as long as we both shall live. I, Odine Perry, vow to love you with all of my heart, from this day forward, to have and to hold. To love and to cherish. In sickness and in health, for richer or poor, as long as we both shall live. Then Conrad’s aunt had us exchange the rings, and pronounced us husband and wife. “Then by the power vested in me, in front of God, and all of these witnesses, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Conrad, you may kiss your bride.” And we kissed as our family and friends clapped and cheered. And we became Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Lee.


The reception was so much fun! After we cut the cake, we danced the night away to all of the songs that Constance played. Who knew that such an old lady could jam out so much! I know for a fact that I had the dorkiest smile on my face, but I didn’t care, I was on cloud nine. “So, ever so sweet wifey of mine, you do have your passport, correct?” My new husband asked. “Yes… But why?” “Oh its nothing much, just that it would be hard to get you into France without one.” “France? Oh my gosh! Your serious?” Is it possible for me to love my husband even more?


Looking out the plane window as we were landing, I shrieked! Champs Les Sims looked so adorable! Like one of those quaint little villages that you see in all of the movies! The place we were staying in was adorably built like a house, which was welcoming, as opposed to a tiny hotel, and when we walked into what appeared to be the living room, Conrad gave me a look as if to say Bedroom? and wiggled his eyebrows. Lightly smacking his arm, I said “Ah ah ah! Not yet, after traveling all day, I’m hot and disgusting, so I’m going to shower, than I want to see more of this place.” I gave him a kiss before heading upstairs to shower. After setting our stuff in our room, Conrad told me to go put on something pretty, for a night, or day rather, around town. Looking down at my flats, leggings, and Nyan cat dress, I asked him what he meant, thinking I looked fine. He then opened my suitcase, and pulled out some clothes, saying that those were more suitable. I can see how marrying a stylist might be a slight problem when it comes to clothes. Though I looked good, I felt really awkward and nervous. So I started fooling around to calm my nerves down I heard an intake of breath and turned around. Conrad looked amazing! He even took off his glasses. Which made him look even more hot! “You… You look stunning Dee.” He stuttered in shock and awe. How can he do it? How can he say one small thing, and make me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world? “I had a good stylist.” I chuckled. “A stylist can only do so much.” He chuckled, before he leaned in and kissed me.

“Are you ready? I have everything prepped.” I nodded, and he practically dragged me out the room, and out the door of the hotel, laughing like a ten year old the whole way. I was barely out the door, when Conrad hopped onto one of the scooters that he rented, and after a quick, barely understandable explanation on how to operate one of these things, yelled “Race you!” and sped off.

We arrived at the winery, both out of breath from our small race around Champs Les Sims. Crashing through the door, we were given the death stare by all of the people in the winery. Maybe we were a bit too loud. My face began to feel hot, and I looked at Conrad, who shared the same embarrassed look on his face that I must have had. Knowing that I wasn’t the only one who just made a complete idiot of themselves made me feel a bit better, which threw me into a fit of giggles.

I let Conrad take the initiative since I had never been to a winery. Heck, I’ve never even been to a bar.

“Hello, do you speak English?” When the man nodded, Conrad asked him for a tour.

As part of the tour, we were allowed to make our own bottle of wine. I have to say that it tasted like barf, but then we were given a complimentary bottle of wine, which actually tasted pretty good.

I may have drank a bit too much to drink, as I was laughing at pretty much everything that anyone said, and had an overwhelming desire to dance to whatever was playing on the radio.

But looking at Conrad’s smiling face, I honestly didn’t care how ridiculous I acted, as long as I was with him.


I stood in front of a mirror in the bathroom. Good Lord I was nervous. I… What if I don’t do good enough? What if he… No! Conrad isn’t like Reuben. I know that he would never lay a finger on me. I took one more deep breath before I stormed out of the bathroom.

When I waltzed into the room, he had already stripped down to his boxers, and was reclining on the bed, waiting for me.

“Holy crow…” He said when he saw me. I couldn’t help but blush.

“Are you ready for me to rock your world?” He chuckled

“Of course! How much for a lap dance?”

“Well, the first one is always free.” With that, I started to slowly inch closer, swaying my hips to silent music in my head. When I was just a few inches away from the bed, a memory came into my mind. An unwanted memory.

“Dance for me! I said dance for me you worthless skank!” He yelled, and grabbed my arms.

“No…” The words were barely out of my mouth, when I felt his palm smack my face.

“When I say you dance, you dance! I own you. What are you going to do, go to the police? You know that if you tell anyone, I will make this even worse for you. If you run away, I will find you.” He laughed, before shoving me onto the ground.

“Odine?” I was snapped out of it by Conrad’s worried voice. “Was it…?” I nodded before he could finish the question. He tapped the side of the bed that he hadn’t been laying on, and I went to lay down next to him. “We don’t have to do anything if you want. We could just go to sl-“

“No!” I said more forcefully than I had wanted to. If I couldn’t do this now, what about in the future. I can’t let some man who abused me control me. I can’t give him that power. “I want to do this… I… I need to do this.” I said before I kissed him on the lips.

“Are you sure…?” He asked. He was flat on his back, looking up at me.

“Absolutely.” I said with confidence.


That was… Well, frankly how it was is really none of your business. But I will let you know that it was a totally different experience than with Reuben. I should have known all along that Conrad wouldn’t do something like that…

“You know I love you, right?” Conrad asked me.

“Of course I do. I love you too.” I told him sleepily.


“Are you ready to head home?”

Grabbing his hand, I nodded. “I had a ton of fun. But I just want to get back to Bridgeport.” I really did enjoy this Honeymoon. Conrad and I would go sightseeing in the day time, and at night, we would spend time together talking… And doing other things. But I was ready to go home. I wanted to see Lance, and though I would have to prepare to field some slightly inappropriate questions from Deidre, I couldn’t wait to see her either. But most importantly, I was ready to begin my life as a married woman, with Conrad by my side. As long as we both shall live.


I hope you liked a little bit of insight into Odine’s mind. Lemme know what you thought of this little special guys. As Tobuscus from youtube.com says “Peace off!”

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  1. Awww this was such a sweet chapter. Makes me think about what happened even more now ;-; And Lance is so flipping cute! I love his little mohawk. I say you did a great job with this chapter Nate and it was so adorable. Everything about it 🙂 It was nice to get into Odine’s head as well. To see what she was thinking. I felt bad that she was having those flashbacks, but she pulled through strongly.

    Oh and the winery was fine 😉 It was cute actually!

    Great update Nate.

    • Lance is really adorable, he looks exactly like Odine as an adult, minus the hair and eye color. I can’t wait til you all can see him all grown up. Aw! Thanks Jax, I was hoping that I had done the female perspective well enough.

      Really? I think I could have done better with that scene, but thanks!

      Thank you for reading.

  2. I’m so happy Odine was able to push through her abuse for Conrad. Since he’s totally awesome.
    And I KNEW she loved him ALL THE WAY.

    D:< Whoever hurt Odine, you are MEAN.

    And now I seriously need to know what happens next. Wonderful chapter. 😀

    • Me too. 😉 That he is my friend. And yes, she does. I never doubted it for a second. Hurr hurr.

      It may take me a while to update, because some certain simmers need me to work on something *nudge nudge* so I have to do that first.

  3. Aww this chapter was so sweet!! I agree with Jax on how it makes you think about the previous chapter.
    Lance is so adorable! I love the mohawk on toddlers it makes them look so squishy and cute!

    I can’t believe what happened to Odine…I want to punch the person who did that to her!

    Wonderful chapter! 🙂

    • Thanks! It really does. I know! He is really cute (in a heterosexual way) I love the toddler mohawk! It is really cute.

      Haha! Hmm… Seems alot of simmers want to punch the nameless person that did whatever they did to Odine. Maybe after this whole “thing” blows over, I will take all of the simselves and just have them beat up said person.

      Thanks for reading. 😀

  4. I really really enjoyed this! It was nice to see Odine’s point of view on the wedding. I feel like I know here a little bit better now. Odine and Conrad are so sweet together! They are the power couple of Bridgeport, lol. I hope Odine is found safe and soon!
    And Lance is a cutie! I also liked the scene with Conrad’s aunts, it was cute and entertaining.
    I’m really excited to see where things go from here. This was a terrific chapter!

    • I’m happy that you enjoyed! I really love them as a couple.
      That he is. He’s gon’ be makin’ all the chicks turn their heads. Hehe. I had fun with the aunts. They make me laugh.
      Thanks for reading.

  5. I was going to read this yesterday, but I got distracted. Whoops. 😀 But I’m glad I got around to reading it. This chapter was great!

    I KNEW she really did love Conrad. The wedding was so sweet and I adored all the aunts. They’re so funny. xD

    Thankfully Conrad is so awesome. He’s been so patient with the poor girl. Whoever is doing this to them, kick them where the sun don’t shine for me, please. >:D And then throw them in a bunch of gasoline and light them on fire and–
    …Ahem. O.o

    But I really want to know what happens. 😀 Fantastic chapter!

    • Its alright. I get easily distracted too. Thanks!

      The aunts literally make me laugh out loud. I can just picture them, with all of their spunkiness. I can’t help it. 🙂

      Well, I promised Minty that when this whole thing blew over, that I was going to take all of the simselves I could find, and have them beat said person up. Hmm… Death by fire doesn’t seem so bad.

      I will try to get the next chapter out as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the end of my 5th term in school is coming up, so I am now officially entering the “AHH!!! I have all this work to do!” So its going to take up some of my time. Plus, I told some simmers that I was going to do something for them. SO that comes first. But, at least expect another chapter before 2013. B-)

  6. I can’t believe I didn’t comment on this earlier!? Anyways, here I am now, and I have to say I really liked this update.

    I always loved Odine as a character, but to be able to see the world through her perspective and feel what she’s felt… Well it makes me like her just so much more. She’s a strong person, and I’m happy to see her pull-through so well.
    Her and Conrad make such a cute couple! Just at the wedding, I found them super entertaining, and I can’t wait to read more about their lives together.

    Great chapter, update soon! 🙂

    • Its okay! I do it all the time! 🙂

      I like Odine as a character very much as well. And it is a bit nice to see stuff in the female POV, since this is a first-person patriarchy. I just hope that I sort of showed the female perspective well, since I am a guy. I’m a bit surprised as to how good I think they look as a couple. When I originally saw them both, I thought they would look a bit odd as a couple. I can’t wait to write more about their lives together.

      Thanks for reading. I will try…

  7. This was a perfect point of view from O. I am so happy you wrote it because now I know something must have happened to make her leave. She loved Conrad and she was so eager to start life anew with him.
    The wedding and honeymoon was beautiful. I love the ease of laughter and conversation between the two. It makes me see that they are both very much in love.
    Cant wait to see what happens!!

    • Thank you very much Dusty. It does help to make realize that maybe her disappearance wasn’t her choice. I mean, she seemed happy enough.
      Well, thanks! I tried my best to bring the characters to life, and show that they are in love.
      Can’t wait to write what happens. Soon… Hopefully.

  8. On a serious note, I’m married to a survivor, and it very often goes very much in the way you just wrote it.. even after 20 years of marriage. That kind of thing never goes away. I’m glad you treated this as respectfully as you did. Conrad is a great vehicle for showing how nice guys win!

    • Oh wow. Really? I tried to be as realistic, and delicate as possible, and I know it might be a touchy subject with some people. Thanks!

  9. Sianystar

     /  September 20, 2014

    You did such a good job with this chapter. I agree with zoxell; very serious subject and you got it spot on. Brilliantly written (:

  10. Something bad must have happened to Odine as it’s clear that she does love Conrad


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