And The Winner Is!

So… Basically I really didn’t need to have this poll… XD No one voted for me to move on with the story. Hehe! I actually had more than half of the special chapter already written. This was more of a “should I risk them traveling again especially since there is an expansion pack coming out soon?” since that was what made me lose my file the last time. But, I haven’t played since I posted the last chapter, so since Supernatural is coming out tomorrow, and I’m picking it up after I get out of school, then I “probably” won’t mess something up. But with my luck… Who knows.


Ps. I know that this is random, but if someone just so happens to have Guild Wars 2, Hit me up! Perhaps we can play online together! 😀

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  1. I said this in my email, but I’ll ask here as well. What be this guild wars? It’s an RPG? Do you have to download it?

    • I responded on the email. And what I say for anyone else who may be curious and just so happens to see this comment, is that I would stink at explaining this, so your best bet if you want to know what Guild Wars, and Guild Wars 2 are, youtube vids are good.

  2. Yay! I’m happy this was the outcome of the poll, I can’t wait to see the next update!

    I have a new chapter on my blog too if you’re interested ? 🙂

  3. vanillachaipwns

     /  September 4, 2012

    I have it! I’m playing right now haha. It’s just another reason my story updates are being delayed :/

  4. Sianystar

     /  September 5, 2012

    Damn it, can’t believe I missed the poll! So sorry, but the option I would’ve gone for has won anyway 😉

  5. I missed the poll! But I’m glad you’re continuing! Did you manage to get supernatural yet? How is it?

  6. Please pardon my rant but … NCSOFT CAN GO FLY A KITE WHILE TAKING A LONG WALK OF A SHORT PIER! They killed City of Heroes!!!!11!!one!!. Okay, I know we are called to forgive … BUT NOT THIS TIME!!! *shakes fist*
    ahem… thank you. I feel better. No I’m not bitter. Really…


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