I’m STOOPID!!! (update on my absence)

Yo Peeps!!!

I don’t even know if I should do this or not, but I’m going to do it anyways…

I am so sorry for taking forever with the next update in both my blogs, specifically this one. I feel extremely guilty, but I am posting this to explain my absence. *cracks knuckles*

Okay, so MONTHS ago, I found out that my laptop could actually take up to 8 gbs of memory, which was more than the 3 gbs that I currently had. So I “backed up” all of my important files to mediafire (don’t quote me on that) since I lost the flashdrive that my school gave me (don’t ask how, IDK either). That took HOURS!!! The only reason that I had to back it up was because I found out that I had to change my laptop from windows 7 32-bit to windows 7 64-bit, or else it would only use 3.5 gbs of memory…

Thing is, is that when I tried to move all of my files back in for the save game… It didn’t work… SO I had to create a new save file. I finished writing chapter 4, and was writing a special, when the sims just wasn’t fun anymore, especially with the speed of my laptop (seriously guys, it would take Conrad HOURS to get from outside the salon to the styling station to give a client a makeover, and by that time, the client would leave, and the workday would be over) so then I started my ISBI, which was fun, but if you read the last chapter, you would notice how many times my sims game crashed, it became “unfun” with all of the crashes and freezing. Plus since I only have a very limited amount of hours to play on thursday evenings, fridays, and maybe saturdays, it takes forever to get very far.

Recently though, I told myself ‘Nate, its about time you posted the freaking chapter, you can’t keep your readers in the dark forever’, plus my brain kept practically exploding with ideas for future generations, but of course, I can’t do those future generations unless I finish the first one… So I forced myself to play my Lee Legacy file. And despite the slowness I actually had fun! Then comes the ‘me being stoopid’ part.

This past saturday, I bought the diesel stuff pack. Now I don’t usually spend money on stuff packs, but I saw some of the clothes, and they looked pretty good. So I got it, backed up my files (the right way) and downloaded the stuff pack. Everything was good, until I remembered that the Lees had been traveling, and while all of my other saved games were fine, the Lee’s file was ‘corrupted’, so I had to delete it, and start all over again… And I only had to take like 10 pics more… Max! So now I’m back to procrastinating because I REALLY don’t want to rebuild the house that I had made for them (I hate house building) because I want to make it as similar as possible to how it was before, but the last time took forever, and I don’t want to go through that again. Sigh… Well… I guess I’m off to build the house now.



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  1. Cinnamon Sugar

     /  August 7, 2012

    Aww Nate that SUCKS! I can empathize because that is SO something I would do myself – which thankfully I haven’t done yet *knocks on wood*.

    As for you getting back to writing the Lee legacy, I’m super excited that it’s coming back! Seriously. I know what it’s like to get discouraged, but the ideas for future generations is always what pushes me to keep writing my own, despite the crashes and frustration.

    If it helps, once you’ve built the house you could always save it to your sim bin (even with the sims inside if you want), that way you never have to build it again. … Well presuming your game doesn’t crash *knocks on wood again*.

    Good luck!

    • Haha!!! I feel like every time I do a new chapter, I have to start in a new town. and not by personal choice either! *rolls eyes*

      Really??? Well that makes me feel pretty good that you’re excited for my little ol’ story. And thinking about the future generations does push me to write and play, but at the same time, lately when I’m about to play and take pictures, something comes up that I have to do first…

      That’s a good idea. I had planned on doing that, but then every time I would play, I would forget. At least I didn’t lose the family in the bin.

      • Cinnamon Sugar

         /  August 8, 2012

        Oh that’s no fun 😦 I’ve luckily gotten most everything working, unless I try to do too much too fast and then my game crashes 😦 I’ve learned to save often, lol.

        I am! I’m still interested in learning how the prologue connects to all this! Well yeah, I know what you mean. That’s why I’ve been so far behind from where I want to be with my own stories.

        Well there you go! One less thing to worry about. I always find that rebuilding sims is worse then rebuilding a house. I waste so much time making sims.

        • My problem is that on the days that I remember to save often, my game doesn’t crash. But then, the next time that I play, I do like 5 sim days worth, and forget to save as I play, that’s when my game crashes. Grr…

          I get so tempted all the time to just blurt out how the prologue is connected to gen 1, but I have to wait, because that would just kill the whole story… And then all of the excitement would be gone!

          That’s true. Thing is, is that I hate house making to begin with. I think its because it takes forever, and because I never feel like its good enough… I love making sims. I just hate face 1 sims, and I also noticed that there are simmers who have their own face 1… I don’t understand why though… Why would you want all of your sims looking exactly the same? Anyways! I’m rambling now…

          • Cinnamon Sugar

             /  August 8, 2012

            Lol, yeah been there too.

            Oh we can’t have that! Suspense and excitement are a must! You’ll just have to get those next chapters up fast 😉

            House building can take forever, that’s why I try to use a pre-made and then just… tweak. Although I find it’s really the decorating that takes up so much time. Halfway through the house I’m just like – and you’ll be this plain colour which would also look good here until I get my creativity back 😛 I’m sure I’ve done that, although I try not to. I guess I make them more personal with their eyes and clothing style more than facial features *shrug*

            Lol, ramble away 😀

  2. One reason why I will never ever ever get World adventures. I just don’t trust it AT all. It has nothing but problems. I had the chance to get it for free TWICE and I refused. I just can’t have a risk like that in my save files, I would seriously freak out.

    Sorry that you’re having problems, that must blow big time. I wish you the best! ^^ You can do it!

    • Aw… World Adventures isn’t THAT bad. The problem was that I had left them in France. Had I brought them back to Bridgeport, the file probably would’ve been fine. So it was my fault.

      Twice??? For free??? Girl! You best be triflin’! (that’s something that my older sister says all the time. I find it funny) IDK what problems it may cause, if its free I would’ve gotten it. Plus it makes for good “Honeymoon” scenes… And come on! How can you not your sim to learn sim-fu??? *ahem* Anyways…

      It does blow! *takes deep breath* I’m gonna try to build and play now… Hopefully I can finish soon…

  3. I just found this legacy and luckily enough I got to read all your previous chapters.. However now, just like everyone, I have to wait for the next update! I’m sorry you'[re having problems, but hopefully that doesn’t stop you from continuing with the Lee Legacy!

    I just started my new legacy and only have the first chapter up … I would really appreciate if you can read it and let me know what you think?

    I’ll add you to my blogroll & follow you as well! Can’t wait to see the house…


    • Hiya!!! Yeah, I’m going to “try” to update soon. If I don’t get it out this weekend, I will probably either get it out on Wednesday, or next weekend. And I would never want to give up on my Lee Legacy! I have so many plans, that if I give up, then my brain will explode! Uhh… Not literally.

      As you could probably tell from the comment on your chapter, I read it, and am excited for more! Too bad you couldn’t finish your first legacy!

      I will add you to my blogroll also. Oh, & I finished with the house last night/early this morning (it was around 2 am, so…), and now that I’ve got that out of the way, I can take pics for the chapter. 😀

      Ps. If you want to read something goofy, you could check out my ISBI!


  4. It is amazing how TS3 has managed to continue in a state of “beta” test software for so long. As much as I love playing “my fishbowl people” (as my wife calls them), the software is buggy and unstable …at best.


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