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Hey guys! Nate here

Yes! This is my simself. Ignore the fact that he looks like a 40 year old monkey.

I know that you were probably expecting some type of update with Conrad and Odine. I’m working on it, and I’m sorry its taking so long. For some reason, it takes me forever to write a chapter, and then add to the fact my sometimes slow sims 3 game,

Then include into the equation that life has really been really busy, and kind of annoying at times. I’m still getting it done. I finished writing chapter 4, still need some pictures, but I am currently working on a little bonus chappie. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about with you today.

Your probably thinking “Dude! You left us hanging! Why yoo stahp writing?” Well, I haven’t technically stopped writing. Thing is, I actually have another blog, not a serious one, its called:

Its a dual-ISBI, and its REALLY fun!!! I’m not giving up on the Lees, its just easier to update the Huggins, because there is no need for staging or anything. I was waiting for my brother to start a sims story before I did this, but he was taking forever, and I was getting impatient.

So if you want, go check it out! I hope its worth it. Writing it is really fun, and less stressful. I honestly was forgetting the whole point of having the sims 3, which should be to have fun. Wow… That sounds really cliche.

So what are you still doing here? Go check it out!

Now!!! Hehe. Kidding. But seriously.

(click on the banner to be lead to the site. Thank you! :-D)

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  1. Lol you sound just like me! I love writing and doing my And then it rained blog but it is 1 million times easier to do my ISBI because you just play to have fun! My ISBI is basically my fun save because I do all the same things on a fun save except for the fact I blog it for the peeps to see. Speaking of ISBI… Y U NO UPDATE? 😛

    Just kidding 😀

    Can’t wait for more chapters of both ^_^

    • Funny how a challenge that is so silly can be so addicting! Hey senorita, chillio, I’m trying to get pics for a new ISBI chappie now, so hold the phone. Hehe 😉

  2. Yay! New story! Boo for the Lee’s being tiring to you! I know all about set up. It makes the game not as exciting becuase you arent really playing. Its like move here… Snap snap snap. Stand like this… Snap snap snap. Sometimes its is nice to have fun instead!

    • Their not exactly tiring… But you already know what I mean. And seeing the sims act like lunatics because you can only control one (or two in my case) sim is really funny, and goofy. But czech it out. Unless you don’t want to of course.

  3. Jedidiah

     /  May 31, 2012

    Nateself looks fine, what are you complaining about? The YA stage really is the only decent looking stage for the sims. Some Adult stage sims look weird… O_O
    Yay for Huggins!!!

    • He does NOT look fine… *shudders at Nateself’s look* So are you insinuating that thats the best that he can look? *Gasp!!!* NOOO!!! 😉
      Yay!!! *claps while jumping up and down*

      • Jedidiah

         /  June 1, 2012

        Everyone is his own harshest critique. Jedself’s nose is huge! The skin default that I currently use hides it a bit…back in the EA skin days… O_-
        No, I meant, for example look at Sebie during his Adult stage…he looked weird with those deep wrinkles…it was like his cheeks were sucked in O___O

        • Very true… WHAT??? His nose is fine! Every sim that I’ve seen you make, or has shown up in your game turns into a good looking speciman (or speciwoman! XD That joke will never die) I is jealous of your simmies genes! (almost wrote jeans DERP!!!)
          Adult stage always looks a little weird. But Sebs still looked good. Even as an elder. Speaking of elders and simselves, I tend to see how all of my sims look in every stage, cuz I get curious, and when my younger sister saw elder Nateself, she said that he looks like one of those grandpas that you just want to hug cuz he looks like a cute old guy. I disagree. T_T

  4. WHOOAAA! I’m caught up already?! YES! I love it when there’s not tons of catching up to do.

    I know what you mean. It gets really tiring with all the pausing/posing you have to do. Fun saves are legacy savers!

  5. I’m caught up! And I loved it. Odine NEEDS to go back to Conrad.

    Can’t wait for next chapter!

    • I’m trying to write the next one, but my brother and my brother-in-law are trying to get me to do this thing that I don’t want to do… Sigh

      • And by the way, I just realized what your profile pic was and I had a fangirl attack. I love that series so much!

        • Haha!!! I had remembered that you had said somewhere that you liked it. And was twiddling my thumbs just waiting for you to say something. I flippin’ LOVE both the serieses (seriesezes?) I was surprised that ‘The Legend of Korra’ could be so different from ‘The Last Airbender’, yet its also SO GOOD!!! *Fanboy moment*

          • Jedidiah

             /  August 5, 2012

            *teacher moment* Series is already in the plural form. So it’s “both series” ;D
            Couldn’t resist, Nate. And if I can butt in here, I dig that series as well! So well done!

          • *Bows in respect* Yes Jed-sensei. So its like sheep? Gotcha. Note to self: Say seriesezes as much as possible. There we go. *nods head*

            How can you NOT like it? I mean the show. The movie SUCKED!!! Well, that’s just my opinion… The acting was bad, the special effects were lame, and they changed stuff that they weren’t supposed to! Like making it only possible for the firebenders to use already made fire, as opposed to making it themselves, stating that the avatar wasn’t allowed to have a family (if that were true, Zuko wouldn’t exist). And the pronounciations of the names were different! I hate it seems like movie makers only watch the “first season” or read the first book only, and then decide to remove charaters that may be important in the future. Sigh… I could complain about that movie for ages… But I’m going to stop talking your ear off… 😀

  6. Brilliant! I loved this!
    This is the first time in a month I’ve been able to actually sit at my computer to do something other than work from home. Still, I’d love to check out the Huggs sometime.


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