And Da Winner Be???

Technically I’m not sure how to show a closed poll, and every time I put the poll up, It shows like you can still vote, until you try, and then it says that its closed.

But anyways, There was a tie, both received 4 votes each, so I decided to ask some of my family and friends. I asked 6 people, and The Winner is…

The Love of A Woman!!! Which if none of you could remember (its kind of obvious though…. hehe. Don’t kill me.) was Conrad pursuing Odine. It received 4 of the 6 non internet votes. I’m definitely excited!!! So, I will start writing soon, and hopefully it doesn’t take forever.


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  1. Sianystar

     /  February 4, 2012

    Ahhh! I can’t believe I missed the poll 😦 So so sorry, but I’m still excited to see what happens next!

  2. Ciara

     /  March 11, 2012

    Want to know whats happening next.

    • Hehe. I want to post whats happening next, but RL has been quite crazy for me. I will finish the next chapter… eventually.

  3. swimlilfishey

     /  April 7, 2012

    YAY!!! this is what I hoped for 🙂 I’m happy now 😀

  4. Well if I was here for the poll I would of voted for the love of le woman too. I think that Conrad would make a wonderful husband to her because he’s so sweet and thoughtful. Although is she even ready to be married yet? Or in a relationship? She’s only 18 and it makes me think that she’s confused and hurt by all that she is been through. I think that if Conrad really loves her he should wait for her to come to him. I don’t mean let her run away, I mean to just let her have some time to accept the reality of everything. She’s just a kid and she’s been raped and has a baby to think about.

    So if Odine is 18, how old is Conrad? He can’t be that much older than her. I know Conrad is mad at this guy but he doesn’t need to go and be stupid and get himself put in jail or something. He needs to figure out a way to get some proof that this man did that to her. I really believe she should of went to the police so they could of done a rape kit on her. They can tell if “the intimacy” was forced or not. (CSI:Miami and Law and Order svu FTW) But then at the same time I can see where she is coming from with all of this and she is probably just really scared. That poor girl.

    Great updates Nate! And thhhheeeeerrreeee…. I’m caught up 😛

    • Finally woman!!! Ya took forever, I was stalking my email, looking at the posts ya like and stuff. Hehe… kidding. Lets see, I was thinking he would be around 21. that’s what? 2, 3 years difference? But ya can’t really know if you are really ready for marriage, unless you get married. I’m not going to automatically make them jump the gun though. I’m not that dumb. But you do bring up some interesting things that I hadn’t though of. But they have “known each other” for a while if she trusts him enough to be able to turn to him. Plus the 9 months pregnancy. The reason she didn’t do anything, is because she is/was/whatever completely and utterly terrified of Reuben, and what he can do to her. He hasn’t been caught yet, and she is worried that if she went to the authorities, he would make her suffer.

      Never seen those shows, so don’t be too shocked when I say “seriously? they can do that now?”

      Thank you Jax, for finally reading it. and thank you for you input. 😀

      • LOL well I’m slow with these things. Although I saw your comment and I was like “Well I better not keep him waiting anymore.” I seriously always forget. Like I could of caught up on this lots of times and then it slips my mind. Plus I don’t feel so great this week so bleehhhhh… but you know, it’s what ev’s.

        Yes sir, they can do that. Crazy right?

        Oh you’re welcome Nate! My pleasure! And your story is really well written and so very interesting! I love it 😀

        • I also forgot to say. Whether Conrad did something or not stupid to Reuben depended on how the poll went. Both sides had (at least one) pros and cons. So the poll ended with him focusng on Odine, so he won’t focus on Reuben (at least for now).

          • True, true. But even if he goes after him – which I’m sure he will – he needs to make sure he thinks with his head and not goes all crazy dude on him. He could get in BIG trouble if he has no proof. Plus since he’s focusing on Odine first and they fall in love… then it will hurt her worse if anything happens to Conrad. BUT it does make it oh so interesting! 😀

  5. Next chapter please 🙂


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