1.1 A Stylist Comes To Bridgeport

   As the taxi cab drove across the hills of the suburban side of Bridgeport, I could not help but gawk at the beauty of the city. Most people may see cities as places filled with factories and smoke, but not me. My aunt Constance always said that I had an eye for beauty, but I digress.

  When I arrived at my lot, I stepped out of the cab, and, after asking the driver to wait for me, walked around, just to get a feel for the land, so to speak, and I couldn’t help but smile. “Conrad Alabaster Lee,” I told myself, “This is it, you can do this. Prove ‘im wrong.”

Readjusting my glasses, I climbed back into the cab and apologized to the impatient looking driver, asking if they can take me to the salon where I was due for an interview in half an hour.When we finally stopped at the salon, I stepped onto the sidewalk and took a few deep breaths before I marched into Barney’s Salon and Tattoo, and up to the stylist who was working.“Hello, I’m Conrad Lee, I had spoken to a Mrs. Striker over the phone about a month ago, and I have an interview with a Miss Bijou for the stylist position that opened up.” I said while I extended my hand for her to shake. She stared at it until I reluctantly dropped it.

“Let me see your credentials” she said with a sigh. Handing her the paper with a copy of my styling degree, and a letter of recommendation from my old boss, I stuck my hand in my pockets and waited, when I noticed a teenager standing over in the corner staring at me with a scowl on his face. The reception that I was receiving really pissed me off, and I had half a mind to walk out of their and get another job. But I was able to calm myself down until finally Miss Bijou looked up at me and said, “You can begin work here tomorrow, but we will be watching you. Any mistakes, and you are out. We don’t have time for nincompoops.” I nodded my head, but wondered if the job was worth the harassment. Miss Bijou, whose first name turned out to be Sugar, then turned on her heels and marched away with a huff. “Nice talking to you too!” I yelled before I walked up to the tattoo artist for directions to the nearest furniture store.

It was pretty late when I got to the Landgraab Sell And Swap Consignment store. Yanking open the door, I barged inside and walked to the only person in the store.“Hey, I understand that it is late, and you are probably closing right now, but I don’t have any furniture at my house, I’m new to this city and I don’t have anywhere to go. So please, let me at least look at one of your catalogs.” I begged, debating whether or not I should get down on my knees to add effect. With an apologetic face he stated that there was nothing he could do. Dejectedly, I began to walk out. Until he spoke again with a sigh telling me to be quick bout it, and that no one else could know about this.

Its amazing what you can buy from a store or online these days. I bought a bed, a toilet, and even a battery-powered refrigerator! Which only left me with ten bucks until my first paycheck, not counting the cost of taxicabs. Lenny, the cashier, told me it would take about a week for the delivery, so until then, I still had nowhere to sleep. Feeling that I had just wasted my money, I thanked Lenny, and walked out to hail a cab, pretty sure that I would have to sleep on the grass on my lot. As the driver drove me toward home, I relaxed my head against the back of my seat, when I had the feeling that I should open my eyes. When I did, I noticed a big building.“Wait, stop.” I said, “what’s that building?”

“That would be the fire station.” She stated. Fire stations usually have fridges and beds, so I asked her to drop me off here instead of at my house.

Getting inside was not as difficult as it should have been. I mean, who leaves a window open at a fire station? After I raided the fridge for some delicious snackages, I went straight to bed, thanking God that I had a pillow to rest my head on.


Extras and Author’s Comments:

  • I had struggled with this chapter because I wanted to give Conrad a good introduction, and I didn’t want it to be a “Conrad moved to Bridgeport, Conrad got a job, Conrad bought stuff for his house/lot” chapter. But then I realized that no matter how hard you try, every first chapter of a legacy blog is that way, it’s the details that make each one different. Once I realized that, writing wasn’t so hard.
  • Tell me honestly what you think of Conrad’s first chapter (criticize the heck out of it if you feel that is necessary). and it would be awesome if you could give me some suggestions to make my writing better. Thank you much!
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  1. Sianystar

     /  September 26, 2011

    Eee, good job! I loved how he broke into the Fire Station (I agree, you’d think the emergency services would be a bit more security-conscious!) and how you actually had him go to a shop to try and buy his furniture. Usually in legacies that kind of stuff just appears out of the blue, nice thinking 🙂

    You’re right about being a bit limited with the first chapter, but all legacies are like that initially. The whole job – empty lot – new in town thing is kind of important and you can’t gloss it over! But this was good, I enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to the next chapter 🙂

    One thing I would suggest is a bit more proof reading, there were a couple of mistakes, but I’m an English nut (although having said this I’ll probably go back and notice a million mistakes in my chapters, d’oh!) so I notice these things. But that’s only being really mega picky! Good job 🙂

    I hope Conrad shows Sugar Bijou what for!

    • YES!!! (Insert ecstatic jumping here) Happy that you enjoyed it. I was worried that it would be boring.
      I just thought it would be funny that the fire station would have left a window open, since in game, you could just waltz through the front door whenever you want, which would make no sense in real life.
      About the proofreading. Its kind of funny, cuz I had read it over and over again because I didn’t want any mistakes. But oh well.
      Also, I sort of agree that Sugar Bijou was that thing that you said, but I really do not want curse words on my blog. (I even have a rules page, so I just earned 5 dork points) So I had to change that word in your comment. I hope it doesn’t bother you.

      • Sianystar

         /  September 26, 2011

        Ah, sorry about the language, I’m quite sweary. Will try to censor myself! 🙂 It’s not dorky having a rules page, just different strokes for different folks (and using that phrase *is* dorky, so I just earned a load of points! D’oh!) I’m sorry for not reading your rules page, I thought it would just be a link to Pinstar’s rules.

        To be honest, the occasional (and I mean occasional) mistake was the only thing I could pick on, and everyone does it so it’s hardly a massive deal. I proof read loads as well and my chapters are still littered with mistakes (I have a weird comma thing where I chuck them in random places and I don’t notice until I reread a couple of weeks later!)

        I did really enjoy it though, looking forward to the next chapter! 😀

      • We’re all dorky in our own way, and its alright. just a big misunderstanding.

        Good thing that it was only occasional, and not a big deal. I think my (only slightly) neurotic side started to come out, and I was worried that everyone would notice it except for me. haha.

  2. I really enjoy that you chose to show the process behind him getting the lot, job and furniture. Nothing spontaneously appeared anywhere like it does in so many stories – my own included.

    I can’t wait to see him get woken up by an alarm or firemen and to find out where his story goes from here!

    • To be honest, I think that your idea of having the characters realize that their lives are being recorded, while still maintaining an actual life story is ingenious. Plus it increases the laugh factor (“Don’t want anyone seeing my… my bits. Its not you I’m pulling away from, its them”. (I still laugh at that part, especially the “bowchickabowwow” right after)).

      Ya know, i hadn’t thought about having an alarm or fireman waking him up (that keeps seeming to happen, I write something, and without trying to, you guys input something in a comment that makes me wonder if I should go back and change what I wrote.). Thats a good idea, maybe I should try to include a scene like that in the next chapter. I’ll probably try to get my playing for the next chapter done by thursday, and the post done on the weekend. But then again, life never goes as planned.

  3. Haha, I LOVE that he’s squatting at the fire station. That made me laugh. Awesome.

    As for your writing, I don’t see too many glaring problems with it, but I did notice that it tended to jump from thing to thing really quickly. That always happens at the very beginning, though, because you’re trying to cram so much into one chapter, so don’t let it discourage you. You’ll get a feel for Conrad and the story soon enough and I think the whole story will flow better on its own as time goes on.

    Nice job. I’ll be checking back to read more. ^^

    • Well, I had thought, “Where the fripple is Conrad gonna sleep if he ‘doesnt have furniture at his lot'”? then I remembered the fire station, which pretty much has everything, and thats how he was plopped there.

      You are right about the jumping thing, it makes me think of my (very awesome) brother though, when we tried writing a story together, I would have constant writers block cuz I wanted stuff to be perfect, and he would jump from scenario to scenario mid sentence so it would not make sense. Hopefully I break out of that soon.

  4. First chapters are always the hardest. I still completely and totally hate the first generation of Let it Be. I want to go back and redo the whole thing. I think its good though. You always have to expect a few hiccups here and there when you’re first settling into it. Even if you’ve done legacies before, new ones always take a little getting used to. 🙂

    I’m glad I get to read more 🙂

  5. swimlilfishey

     /  April 7, 2012

    Breaking into a fire station is a first! I know how hard first chapters are and i think you did a pretty good job 🙂 can’t wait to see if he gets caught though! 😛

  6. I for one, agree that this is a fantastic first chapter. I have never done a legacy before, but I have read alot and I can completely understand what you were trying to avoid doing, but as you said, with a legacy it is indeed quite hard to avoid it. Your character has to be established in some way and you do not want to move the storyline too quickly, or too slowly that your readers get bored. I actually like when I read very thought out, detailed as a china pattern first chapters. You want to introduce who your character and their personality. I hate when I feel like the first chapter was a combination of the first five chapters. It takes the fun out of that hard work that the founder was suppose to be doing. To me that is the point of these opening chapters, to show the hard work, the dedication that the founder went through and put in to make a name for himself.
    -Eh..Im blathering on. XDD
    I loved your chapter, It was not rushed, you established realistic goals and errands. And I loved adding that bit of detail that the furniture would be delivered in a week. I also loved the humor of him sneaking into a fire station….of all places, a fire station!

    All in all, a great first chapter. :}

  7. This was an wonderful start! And Conrad thats not good to just go into a Fire Station but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

  8. Really enjoying this so far! I’ve been reading nothing but observational legacies for a long time, but I like your narration style. It’s great how you take little details from in-game (like that creepy-ass teenager in the corner!) and work them into the story. I don’t think I’d have anything to criticize, except maybe that you could stand to lighten up the tone a little bit? I dunno though, you probably know what works best for you. 🙂 Great start!

    • I’m so sorry! I just read your personal blog rules, and of course I come back to find that I cursed in this year-old comment. I can’t edit it, but I thought I should apologize! I’ll be more careful in my comments from now on, since I’m planning to finally catch up on this legacy.

  9. lilyrae98

     /  September 18, 2015

    “Getting inside was not as difficult as it should have been. I mean, who leaves a window open at a fire station?” Haha, that was my favourite line. And I think you gave him a good introduction, your legacy is more original than most 🙂

    • Hah! Thanks! While I might not have gotten very far chapter wise, I have definitely improved in my writing, so rereading some of the older Lee legacy stuff kinda makes me cringe. Good to know my lame humor entertains somebody.

      And thanks! I tried to keep it realistic-ish, while trying to be original. It’s hard sometimes to find the line between the 2. Thanks for reading!

      Oh! Also, since your blog is more of a silly/commentary style, if you like reading those types of blogs, I do have a dual isbi: thehugginsisbi.wordpress.com. Feel free to check it out! 🙂

  10. I really like your writing. Conrad seems interesting, and I’m intrigued to see how he connects to the murder from the prologue. I wonder if anyone will find Conrad!? Lol.

    • Why thank you! I have to say that I’m not the biggest fan of my earlier chapters… but who is? XD

      And you’ll have to wait and see. Or, ya know… just binge read or something. XD

      Thanks for reading!

  11. Mm, I agree that Conrad’s an interesting character, and for a ‘gets a job, gets a lot, gets furniture for lot’ first chapter, it’s a good first chapter ^-^

    I do wonder how the murder will tie into this. Was it Conrad who killed, or was it his relatives or could it be future spouse that did it? 😮


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